Snapshot issue 09.19

01 Breakthrough

drone flying over crops

Our piece of the $25 billion pie

Growing interest in healthy and sustainable lifestyles could be worth about $25 billion by the end of next decade. Our new analysis predicts the high rate of growth in demand for healthy and sustainable products could make the food and agribusiness sector more valuable than mining.

02 Research

Slabs of rock-like metals on half pipes being fed into a virtual core machine.

Hard core library

There are more than 10 million metres of drillcore samples estimated to be archived in warehouses around Australia. We're helping to turn it into a virtual library.

chocolates and sweets with edible insects on top

Bug banquet buzz

Want to reduce your impact on the environment? Looking to pack a protein punch in your diet? Keen to try the latest cuisine? Nibbling native insects could be for you.

03 Discoveries

orange coral on white paper with ruler. text overlay reads 'Investigator returns with corals from the coral sea'

04 People

dad with two children and a dog sitting on a fence

Doing it for the dads

For Father's Day we spoke to a few of our working dads to find out how our flexible work arrangements support them to do the best job they can. Meet our fab fathers.


Be on the safe side

Contribute to transforming the safety and security of computer systems with this role in our Data61 team. Sydney based.

Take the lead

We're seeking a program manager to lead our Indigenous STEM education projects. Multiple locations.

05 Participate

A woman wearing a large white and blue striped sun hat leaning against the edge of a swimming pool with her back to the camera

Life over looks

Our new research shows attitudes to weight loss are shifting. People were motivated to lose weight to improve their health, over their appearance.

Woman with facial mapping technology edited over face.

Deepfake danger

Deepfakes have been described as one of the contributing factors of the Infocalypse. What’s the deal with deepfakes?


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