csiro logo and title: Snapshot issue 08.19

01 Breakthrough

gloved hands holding a pile of fly larvae and soil

Flirting with flies to reduce food waste

During National Science Week our insect behaviour experts went under the sheets to find out what gets flies in the mood. It's all for a good cause – breeding more insects could help us tackle our local food waste crisis. Insects like Black Soldier Flies eat through food waste and turn it into compost to reduce landfill. In the world of flies, romance is everything.

02 Research

adult kauri moth specimen

Dinosaur of a moth

A moth that can trace its grandparents back to the dinosaur age has been rediscovered in Queensland. Our insect researchers confirmed it's a species previously thought to be extinct.

Research Vessel Investigator sailing on the water

Coral Sea Voyage

Most of the ocean floor and what goes on down there is pretty much a mystery. RV Investigator will carry a team of researchers on a 30-day voyage to prod, probe and map the ocean floor.

03 Discoveries

Bleached staghorn coral on the Great Barrier Reef. Text overlay reads: Climate change leaves a mark on our coasts

04 People

Researcher in lab coat holding a respirator mask.

Our stars line up for science ‘Oscars’

Tracking diseases with data networking, protecting soldiers with a next-gen gas mask, and a rising astrophysics star. Meet our Eureka Prize finalists.


Deep in the weeds

We’re seeking a research technician to work on controlling invasive weeds. Input into scientific and technical research on weeds and insects working both in the lab and in the field. Canberra based.

Is antibody out there?

Are you an early-career scientist with experience in immunology and machine learning? Use human immunology or gene editing technologies to help develop new treatments that boost the immune system. Sydney based.

05 Participate

Plastic cup and other waste washed up on shoreline.

Put a lid on plastic

Last month millions of people got involved in Plastic Free July. Here's what we’re doing about plastic in our oceans and how you can help.

Illustration of bugs

Buzzing beats

With the help of our social community we’ve pulled together a playlist of pretty fly tunes. Come jitterbug with us.


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