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01 Breakthrough

gloved hand holding a small plastic device

Aussie tech mends broken heart

In a world-first, a man in the US received a replacement heart valve that we developed with medical device company Foldax Inc. It was made from a special polymer developed by our researchers in Melbourne. The polymer is capable of lasting decades without calcification, risk of clotting or damage to red blood cells. Talk about science with heart!

02 Research

the moon on a black background

Moon mining

Mining the moon and Mars using autonomous robots is a pathway to prepare for future crewed missions, and potentially even human habitation. How can Australia take advantage?

ice shelf and smaller ice bergs and a dark blue sky

Climate impacts

A new report shows the impacts of climate change on polar regions and oceans are worse than previously thought. What are the implications for Australia?

03 Discoveries

seal lying on the beach with some fishing nets

04 People

group of women in blue safety shirts and wearing sunglasses. Two of the women have their hands to their ears gesturing listening

Making waves

To celebrate World Maritime Day, we spoke to three women powering the science on our research vessel Investigator.


Space out

We’re looking for an engineer to lead a team providing support to our Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP). Based in Geraldton, WA.

Best of health

We’re seeking a science leader to conduct innovative research in emerging infectious diseases with a focus on northern Australia. Townsville based.

05 Participate

small burgers in a row

Plant-based meat

Supermarkets and fast food chains will soon be stocking a homegrown meat alternative that tastes like meat and even sizzles on the BBQ.

bowl of pasta with colourful vegetables

Low-carb cook-up

Are you curious about curbing carbs? Our low-carb diet is no passing fad – it’s scientifically proven. Get the low down on low-carb.


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