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Australia's role in the global space network is looking up

Geographically, Australia is positioned perfectly to look up into the centre of the galaxy — something you can’t do from many other parts of the world. But it's not just our location we have going for us. Australia's world-class capability in space science underpins a phenomenal contribution to international space programs. From the first steps on the Moon to the far reaches of the solar system, we're playing a leading role in space.

02 Research

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Unlocking cannabis' medicinal potential

It’s been used for all kinds of purposes for around 5,000 years, but we’re only just beginning to understand cannabis’ potential for treating a number of illnesses and conditions. In an Australian first, we’ve teamed up with Cann Group to help develop products that could be used to treat a range of conditions, including childhood epilepsy, chronic pain and loss of appetite in chemotherapy patients. It's an exciting joint research initiative.

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Aye Eye, AI

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious eye condition that can cause vision loss or even blindness. It affects about one in three people with diabetes, and while it's easy enough to spot patients often have to wait months to see the specialists that can officially diagnose it. That's why we're trialling a world-first, artificial intelligence-driven technology that allows GPs to scan and diagnose diabetic retinopathy themselves, taking the pressure off specialists. When it comes to detecting this particular diabetic disease, the eyes have it.

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04 People

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Following Cassini into Saturn's depths

"There was a deep intake of breath, and then silence. No one made eye contact. Of course, by this time Cassini was nothing but a mist of atoms floating among the swirling cloud tops of Saturn, but the effect in the room was like seeing a heart monitor flatline." Australian journalist Andrew P Street was one of the lucky few selected to get a close-up view of the end of Cassini's 20-year odyssey. Like many of us, his attachment to the famous mission was emotional as well as intellectual.


A researcher with (computer) vision

Our Data61 team is looking for a Senior Researcher Computer Vision. You will create new algorithms and methods in computer vision under the direction of the research group leader, pursuing the goals of 3D Computer Vision including scene understanding and 3D reconstruction. Based out of our Black Mountain office in Canberra.

A new career path...ogen

Our Health and Biosecurity team is looking for a Veterinary Pathologist with expertise in pathology to work at high levels of bio-containment, with a variety of serious human and veterinary pathogens. You will provide support for animal challenge experiments with a variety of infectious agents at different levels of bio-containment. Geelong based.

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Aussie renewable energy rules at the MCG

The grand final might be over but the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) still plays on. We’re working with the Melbourne Cricket Club (stadium manager of the MCG) and their new electricity partner EnergyAustralia to explore the use of hybrid energy systems based on renewable energy, hydrogen, fuel cells and battery storage to better manage the stadium’s electricity consumption, and reduce its overall greenhouse gas emission. Any idea what it costs to power the MCG? It’s up there (Cazaly).

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Wake up Teff: meet your new favourite grain

Have you heard of teff? It's the world’s smallest grain, but research shows that its fibre content is several times higher than wheat or rice. It’s been a favourite in Ethiopian cooking for centuries but hasn't cracked our markets - until now. We're collaborating with Outback Harvest and Food Innovation Australia to bring a range of teff-based snacks and baked goods to retail markets around Australia. Its protein count is similar to wheat and it's high in iron and one type tastes like chocolate and OMG we're ready.


Watch Rare Spotted handfish, spotted
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