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Supporting science is everyone's business

What would a scientist know about business? How could they help solve business challenges and prepare for the future? Actually, they could be Australia’s greatest resource if we’re going to be competitive in an exponentially changing world. In this piece published in The Australian for National Science Week, our Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall argues that Australia needs to embrace a more diverse model for leadership to succeed. Bringing scientists into the boardroom is just one way to do that.

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Hi-tech scarecrow saving crops

Elephants are capable of destroying an entire season’s worth of crops in one night. This is devastating for farmers. To protect their livelihoods, we've collaborated with agribusiness company Olam International to develop a humane deterrent: a device that scares away elephants and other pests using light and sound. As far as scarecrows go, this one's outstanding in its field.

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Current trends: Closing in on MH370

As the investigation into the location of MH370 continues, new images have emerged which support ocean and drift analysis. This has the potential to point to the location of the missing plane. High-resolution images taken from a satellite two weeks after the initial crash show “probably man-made” objects, similar to debris items since found. Our oceanographers are now increasingly confident about identifying a likely crash site.

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Delivering Cassini's last breath of data

On 15 September 2017 at about 10pm AEST, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere at over 111,000 kph, where it will burn up like a meteor. It’s the grand finale of a 20-year mission which has revolutionised our understanding of Saturn and sent home more than a quarter of a million stunning images of the ringed planet and its moons. Our team are responsible for receiving Cassini's last breath of data before it ends its mission forever.


Lead the next front of climate science

Working in either Hobart, Melbourne or Canberra, our Oceans and Atmosphere group is looking for a next generation Senior Climate Scientist with two high-level responsibilities: provide outstanding climate science expertise and leadership to the Climate Science Centre and lead the NESP-funded Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub.

If you understand this – it may be just for you

A researcher in a team focused on "confidential computing” and developing new methods for learning from confidential and sensitive data in federated environments. Expertise in statistical machine learning, distributed learning, cryptography or other methods of data protection such as differential privacy. Sydney based.

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After 40 years in space, Voyager probes still talking

August marked 40 years since NASA launched the two Voyager space probes on their mission to explore the outer planets of our Solar System, and we've been helping keep track of the probes at every step of their epic journey. From the turbulence surrounding huge storms on Jupiter, to hints that the icy surface of Europa probably conceals an ocean underneath, the Voyager mission started to reveal the outer Solar System to us in inspiring detail. And the probes will continue to travel outwards into interstellar space, unbounded, for countless years to come.

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All class for National Science Week

Our team of scientists are always exploring the big questions and coming up with big ideas to solve some of life’s challenges at the heart of science, technology, engineering and maths. But it’s not just scientists that have big questions about our future. In classrooms around Australia the next generation of budding STEM professionals are asking questions and solving problems on their way to becoming the next scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Find out how we took science to school during National Science Week.


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