snapshot issue 05.19

01 Breakthrough

A PET scan shows metastasised prostate cancer cells glowing in red in the shoulder and pelvis from the specially designed theranostic “homing missiles”.

Working to treat ‘untreatable’ cancers

Through a new partnership with one of Australia’s largest cancer care providers and an emerging area of science called theranostics, we’re working to develop new therapies to fight even the most ‘untreatable’ cancers, and trial them right here in Australia. The research will bring new, highly-targeted therapies to patients suffering from some of the most fatal types of cancers including brain, pancreatic, ovarian cancer and metastatic cancers. So what sets theranostics apart from conventional cancer treatments?

02 Research

a fox

Our number-one extinction threat

Last week people across the world stopped and stared as extreme headlines announced that one eighth of the world’s species – more than a million – are threatened with extinction. In Australia, invasive species are the biggest single threat to our plants and animals. So what are the solutions?

a house at night with lights on

Loads of data, on the house

Around 11 per cent of Australia’s emissions can be attributed to households, and with construction continuing at a steady pace, it’s important that we keep an eye on our energy efficiency efforts. We’ve launched the Australian Housing Data Portal to do just that and, as always, the truth is in the data.

03 Discoveries

old black and white photo of the SS Iron Crown

04 People

Attendees at the APN’s 2019 Returning Generation Camp

Returning generations in the Gulf of Carpentaria

Aurukun is a town situated close to the far northern tip of Australia, on the coastline of the Gulf of Carpentaria. It’s an area rich in biodiversity and history. But it's also become a focal point for seeing Indigenous communities return to managing their traditional homelands, using a mix of old and new science.


Test the waters

Stick to the rivers, lakes and reservoirs that you’re used to using advanced modelling techniques. We’re looking for an experienced research scientist to use remote sensing and data analysis to help us better understand and manage the quality of inland waters.

On the fly

We’re on the hunt for a technical assistant to work with our insect collections. The lucky candidate will carry out field work and specimen data entry as well as sort, identify, mount and label specimens to help keep our collection of flies up-to-date.

05 Participate

plate of Chicken Soba Noodles

The power of protein

While most of us probably eat enough protein overall, we tend to eat our protein towards the end of the day. In fact – we’ve crunched the numbers – the average Aussie adult has three times more protein at dinner time compared to breakfast. To help pack your plate with nutrient-rich foods we have developed a new Protein Plus Nutrition and Exercise Plan.

over the shoulder of the view of person using a laptop

Web of worries

The World Wide Web is a tangled mass of interconnected services, and our researchers have spotlighted a fundamental flaw in its design that has significant implications for privacy and security. Are you unknowingly loading malicious content from “trusted” sites?


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