Snaphsot issue 04.19

01 Breakthrough

Gum leaf samples showing traces of manganese

There's gold in them thar trees

Gold in trees is providing clues to what lies beneath. Our scientists discovered that a tree's deep root system acts like a hydraulic pump, bringing up tiny traces of metals from ore bodies deep underground. The metal particles taken up by the roots travel into the plant tissues of the shoots and leaves. Our new mineral discovery technique is successfully being used by gold exploration and mining companies. Creating these modern-day treasure maps, we're helping hone in on new targets for the next big discoveries.

02 Research

wandering trad infected with smut fungus

Smut solution for wandering weed

Originally from Brazil, Wandering Trad is an invasive weed in Australia that forms dense cover on forest floors stifling native vegetation and clogging waterways. But there is a smutty solution to this weed: the leaf smut. Our researchers will soon release the biocontrol agent to help our native forests recover.

cows in paddock

Cutting cow emissions

Livestock in Australia are responsible for around 10 per cent of the country’s overall emissions. To combat this issue, we’re working on different ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the agricultural sector. One of those approaches is feeding seaweed to cows to cut methane emissions.

03 Discoveries

mars rover opportunity

04 People

Toni Moate standing in front of the RV Investigator

Seafaring superstars

An oceanographer, a doctor, a marine geophysicist, a voyage manager, a captain and a leader who oversaw the construction of the ship itself. These are some of the women working aboard our research vessel Investigator. Steady your sea legs and meet six of the inspiring women on board.


Go with your gut

Our postdoctoral fellowships help facilitate the recruitment and development of our potential leaders. We're offering a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Human Gut Microbiology. Design, initiate and manage research initiatives to investigate the impact of plant-based foods on the gut microbiome. Adelaide based.

Scale up

We're seeking a Quantitative Fisheries Scientist to conduct research to estimate stock numbers in Australian and international fisheries. You will analyse large data sets and work with scientific databases of commercial fishing information to help us better manage the fisheries and marine environments. Hobart based.

05 Participate

car speeding

Science in the fast lane

We know how important it is to get science and research from the lab to you as quickly as possible. That's where our ON accelerator comes in. Get up to speed on the next big innovations set to take the world by storm.

animated bugs and a can of bug spray

Keeping bugs at bay

Your first instinct when you spot a critter scuttling across the kitchen floor might be to reach for the bug spray. But there are ways we can deal with bugs without resorting to chemicals and some insects might actually be best to keep around. So how should you deal with insects in the home?


Watch Searching Antarctica for nature's 'air purifier'
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