Snapshot issue 06.19

01 Breakthrough

ariel view of surfers

What will Australia look like in 2060?

That question has guided the creation of our Australian National Outlook 2019. The report outlines a path towards an inclusive, prosperous, sustainable, and globally competitive Australia. It draws on our world-leading integrated modelling and assessment capabilities, plus the expertise of leaders from over 20 non-government organisations. Together, we modelled what Australia may look like in 2060.

02 Research

electronmicroscope image of gold on fungi. purple fibres with golden globs

Gold-digging fungi found in WA

Our scientists discovered gold-coated fungi near Boddington, Western Australia. The fungi attach the gold to its strands through an oxidisation process. And it may offer clues for finding new gold deposits.

cape grim greenhouse gas measuring station in Tasmania with ocean in the background

Greenhouse gas peaks

Mauna Loa Observatory found carbon dioxide levels have reached record peak for seven years in a row. There is more greenhouse gas in the atmosphere than you may realise.

03 Discoveries

ariel view of whale sharks mating

04 People

scientist on board ship at night

Making waves in the Indian Ocean

From ocean critters to the oceanic frontier, meet the researchers aboard our Research Vessel Investigator. They’re travelling along an Indian Ocean route last studied 60 years ago, looking at how the oceans have changed with the climate. Dive into what they're working on.


Wasp up?

We’re looking for an early-career postdoc researcher to consider potential applications of spider wasp venom in biotechnology and medicine. Develop innovative methods to test its effect on human receptors. Canberra based.

Do the robot

Join our Data61 team to undertake navigation and planning research for robots. Work in the field with autonomous robots developing navigation, planning and control algorithms to solve real-world problems. Brisbane based.

05 Participate

kids and an astronaut in costume at the Dish

Moonwalk your way to the Dish

Fifty years ago, 600 million people watched as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the first steps on the Moon. This giant leap for humanity was recorded, in part, by our own Parkes radio telescope. To celebrate, we’re holding an open weekend at the Parkes Observatory. Come and see where history was made.

house with solar panels on roof

To renovate or rebuild?

Australians are slowly embracing sustainable and energy efficient housing. Are you choosing between rebuilding or renovating? We’re helping to create healthier, comfier and energy efficient living spaces. Here’s what to consider when making the environmental choice.


Watch Reach for the Moon: Australia's role in the Apollo 11 Moon landing
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