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Going the full broccoli

Broccoli lattes. Broccoli smoothies. Broccoli muffins. 'Twisties'-style broccoli snacks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the new broccoli powder we've developed with Hort Innovation. Not only does the powder contain all of the protein, fibre and health-promoting bioactive phytochemicals usually found in the ever-popular vegetable, it's also better for the environment. By using the entire structure - head, leaves, stems and all - our broccoli powder significantly cuts down on food loss for farmers. The powder is being developed as part of a larger R&D project which aims to reduce vegetable loss by creating healthy food products from ‘ugly’ produce. Would you try a brocco-latte?

02 Research

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The fight against feral cats

Feral cats pose a real threat to our native biodiversity. They're fast, sleek killers that breed quickly and can adapt to any ecosystem. Over one million native animals are being killed by feral cats every day. But there is hope on the horizon—gene drive technology. With gene drive, it becomes theoretically possible to introduce cats into the feral populations that will produce only male offspring. Over time, the population would die out due to lack of breeding partners.

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Meet our robot family

They’ve got legs, wheels, cameras, sensors, fins, blades and magnets. They sense the world, navigate it autonomously, and they traverse places too dangerous and dirty for human work. They’re all as varied as the challenges they’re designed to resolve, but the common DNA amongst our family of robots developed by Data61 is a focus on the use of cutting-edge data science. Come and say hello to our friendly 'bots.

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Aussie student cleans up top science award

Is cleaning the windows of buildings at height your idea of a nightmare? Well it is for a lot of others, too. Cleaning such perilous windows is not just scary, it’s dangerous. But it’s also the inspiration for an award-winning invention by Australian student and budding engineer, Oliver Nicholls. The 19-year-old from Barker College in Sydney secured the win with his fully-autonomous robotic window cleaner. The cleaner is designed to reduce human injury and decrease the costs of window cleaning on medium-rise commercial buildings.


Bon appetit!

A Senior Food Technologist will work within a team, a business unit and across CSIRO to either adapt or develop experimental methods, equipment, software, concepts and ideas in support of existing and further research. Based in Werribee you will investigate and develop strategies which underpin the development and provision of safe and novel foods, ingredients and beverages, lead internal and external projects for our Food Innovation Centre and work as part of a multi-disciplinary, regionally-dispersed team.

Be observant

We want to appoint a National Facility Scientific Operations Officer based at our CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science sites in either Sydney or Perth. You will support the scientific operations of the National Facilities, specifically the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder and the Australia Telescope Compact Array, undertaking activities including observing, data processing and pipeline management and user support. You will need a relevant Bachelor/Masters Degree or equivalent experience in the field.

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Is the 'five second rule' a real thing?

There are many rules in food safety lore, some that have a basis in fact, and some that are purely grounded in convenience. But it’s important to look at the evidence to see which category common rules fall under. Our food safety specialist, Cathy Moir, has unwrapped some of the most common rules to see if they pass the sniff test. Come and take a bite.

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Busting vaccine myths

The topic of vaccines and vaccinations can trigger strong, and often opposing viewpoints for many people. There is a lot of misinformation out there about even some of the most common and well-known types of vaccinations. We spoke to our immunology expert, Daniel Layton, to get the low down on some of the most common myths. And yes, you absolutely should be getting your flu shot.


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