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Coviu brings medical services home

The tyranny of distance is never felt more strongly than when it comes to medical services. What happens if you’re elderly and mobility is an issue? Or if you live on a remote area and your closest GP (or speech pathologist, occupational therapist or dietitian) is located hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away? That’s where Coviu steps in. A spinout of our Data61, Coviu is a cloud-based video consultation platform that removes the need for physical presence during doctor-patient consultations. Coviu is currently being used by more than 1100 healthcare professionals across the country. And it has just raised $1 million in venture capital from Main Sequence Ventures.

02 Research

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Scanning for hidden threats made easier

Identifying weapons like knives, bombs and guns hidden under clothes or in backpacks is difficult. The people doing the screening want to be able to do it from a safe distance, and the people being screened want to maintain their privacy. Thankfully, our new X-ray technology uses a cutting-edge sensor system that can detect explosives and other weapons, even chemical or biological agents, from a safe distance.Superman would be impressed.

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Disturbing boom of deepfake tech

'Deepfake' videos take #fakenews to another level. These digitally-altered videos can create confusion and disruption by putting false words into the mouths of public figures. They use machine deep learning technology: not just simple task-by-task processing, but more holistic learning, taking in large amounts of data to form meaningful and telling conclusions. So how do they work, and what can we do to combat them?

03 Discoveries

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The sound of one engineer testing

An anechoic chamber is a quiet place. It's designed to have no reflections or reverberations from the room’s surfaces, and is used to test the 'absolute' volume and directional characteristics of things like smoke alarms and emergency speaker systems. ‘This type of testing looks at the directionality of the speaker,' says our audio engineer John Watson, who works in our anechoic and reverberation chambers in Clayton, Victoria. And it's not a place for the queasy - it's so quiet you can clearly hear your own digestive system. How does that sound?


Go with the flow

As a Water Resources Modeller you will be part of a hydrological science and modelling capability within the Basin Management Outcomes Program of Land and Water. You will contribute to research projects and delivery to external projects on regional water planning and integrated water resource management science, both within Australia and internationally. Among other things you will need a Master’s Degree in hydrology, water science, or similar or equivalent experience. Canberra-based.

A people person

Our Human Resources Recruitment, Workplace Relations and Policy Group is expanding and wants to appoint two experienced Senior Workplace Relations Advisors. You will provide specialist workplace relations and policy advice to HR colleagues and CSIRO managers. You will join a team of experts and will work across a range of formal and informal workplace relations matters. Canberra preferred, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne considered.

05 Participate

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How green is your loaf?

We admit it, we've caught your attention with a slightly misleading picture. But what we want to talk about is important, mould or not. What's the environmental friendliness of a simple loaf of white bread? It’s an important question to ask, with around three-quarters of Australian shoppers buying bread each week. Using a method known as a life cycle assessment, we can calculate the environmental impacts that occur throughout the bread’s existence.

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Sometimes science is better with a pint

Each year Pint of Science takes scientists out of the lab and into the pub to tell you—the curious, science and (for many) beer-loving public—about Australia’s finest science from around the country, all over a crisp drink. This year, Australia will be the first of 21 countries to raise its glass to science when the festival kicks off in May at pubs across the nation. We’ve even got a little taste test that you can try out right now.


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