Text: Snapshot, Science news highlights

01 Breakthrough

Lab-grown airway cells (cilia) stained green

Lab-grown ‘lungs’ to fight viruses

Our scientists have found lab-grown human lung cells can be used to study respiratory viruses, including COVID-19. This could minimise the need for animal testing and fast-track treatments.

02 Research

person in a face mask shopping in a clothes store

COVID-19 impact on retail

We explore the future of consumer behaviour and emerging opportunities for retailers.

close up of person getting a vaccine injection

Oxford vaccine candidate

The University of Oxford has published a preliminary report on its COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Our experts weigh in on the news.

03 Discoveries

A visualisation render of shipwreck on ocean floor

04 People

Eva Plaganyi smiling at camera sitting on a chair in front of a window

Count on us

Meet our mathematicians showing that working with numbers is anything but boring.


Get your hands dirty

We’re seeking a research scientist to lead soil contaminant projects delivering environmental management and biotechnology solutions. Adelaide based.

A computer vision

We’re looking for an experimental scientist to develop innovative machine learning methods for the analysis of images and videos. Sydney based.

05 Participate

Close up of person on a laptop and a smart phone at the same time

Gone phishing

We break down common cybersecurity terms so they don’t reel you in.

Person holding phone up to take a photo of spider to add to Critterpedia

What bug is that?

This AI-powered platform can identify insect and snake species from photo.


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offshore oil rig

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