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01 Breakthrough

Vials with a yellow lid in a orange tray. It's titled DO Blood SST (c2)

Testing COVID-19 vaccine candidates

We’re testing two COVID-19 vaccine candidates at our Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness in Geelong. We’re also looking into different approaches to how we might vaccinate. But it’s no easy task.

02 Research

gold quantum computer

Quantum tech boom

Australia must act to avoid missing out on the quantum technology boom. Our new roadmap plots a course for this $4 billion opportunity.

3d-printed nitinol stents in various sizes

3D-printed stent

We’ve developed a 3D-printed nitinol stent to help surgeons get the perfect fit for patients suffering from Peripheral Arterial Disease.

03 Discoveries

telescope dishes under night sky

04 People

professor s.s vasan in a lab coat smiling at the camera

Meet COVID-19 researcher S.S Vasan

Professor S.S Vasan is leading our SARS-CoV-2 virus work and the pre-clinical trials testing COVID-19 vaccine candidates. He explains what his team is working on.


Super foodie

We’re seeking a research projects officer in nutrition to help design and implement diet, food and lifestyle-based programs. Adelaide based.

Software spot

We’re looking for a senior software engineer to develop real-world applications for internal and external clients. Melbourne based.

05 Participate

packet of tablets with some spilling out

COVID-19 treatment options

We explore the different vaccine and treatment options being used to tackle COVID-19.

wheat field with trees in the background

Relieving the data drought

A new one-click rural property report will help support the farms of the future.


Watch ‘Worrying’ antibiotics survey results
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