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01 Breakthrough

Game of Thrones' Night King with close up of newly named bee fly

Game of Flies

During the past year we’ve put scientific names on around 230 new species, including a bee fly named after Game of Thrones’ Night King. It reigns in winter and has a crown of spine-like hairs. A species without a scientific name is invisible to science and conservation. And Australia has only named about a quarter of its half a million species. Naming species is a serious business with a fun side.

02 Research

ariel view of a beach cove

An astronomical ‘whodunnit’

In a world first, astronomers using our ASKAP telescope have pinpointed the location of a fast radio burst in the Universe taking us one step closer to solving an astronomical mystery. And the answer may not be 42.

stylised image of battery icons in blue and black

How lit is lithium?

Our demand for personal electronics has also driven the demand for lithium. But it’s the development of low emission technologies, like electric vehicles and renewable energy, that’s really supercharging the market’s appetite. We’re calling lithium the metal of the decade.

03 Discoveries

ASKAP telescope dishes under starry night sky. Text overlay reads: Astronomers make history in a split second

04 People

Two Indigenous rangers standing in the water near a boat

On country for our country

We've worked closely with Indigenous rangers, traditional owners and research partners to gain new insights into the threatened marine and plant life in the Kimberley. Bringing western science and traditional knowledge together.


A welcome sight

We’ve got our sights set on an imaging and computer vision research scientist to join our data science team. Develop new and innovative algorithms and tools in 3D modelling and semantic scene understanding. Canberra based.

Cream of the crop

We're seeking a postdoctoral fellow in crop physiology. Conduct research and develop new techniques to contribute to ecologically-responsible cotton production in Australia. Based in Narrabri, NSW.

05 Participate

Close up of astronaut in space

Moonwalk this way

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing this year, we’ve compiled a playlist of all the best lunar songs for your listening pleasure. Tune in.

Image of the moon at night with cartoon astronauts floating around

Space experiments

Space rocks! Celebrate science at home with these activities for kids all about space and the Moon. Find out what’s so special about our nearest neighbour.


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