Ore body knowledge and precision mining

Knowledge is key to success. Advanced characterisation techniques and big data are driving transformational changes in orebody discovery, selective mining and precision processing.

At this one-day event, join with colleagues from a diverse range of technical backgrounds to learn from CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, how the accurate characterisation of resources can help you unlock the knowledge that will drive exploration, mining and processing success.

Event date: 18Feb 2020

Tuesday 18 Feb 2020

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges

46-54 Marine Terrace and Essex St, Fremantle WA
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Time Activity
SESSION 1 CSIRO’s vision: the low foot-print, precision mine. Learn from the experts what the future of mining could look like.
Rob Hough - CSIRO Mineral Resources, Acting Director
- CSIRO Welcome
Asmita Mahanta - BHP, Manager Technical Services and Data Integration
- Keynote
Ewan Sellers - CSIRO Mineral Resources Research Director, Hard Rock Mining
- Realising the invisible mine
Jonathon Ralston - CSIRO Mineral Resources Group Leader, Sustainable Mining Technologies
- Taking Australia's mining know-how out of this world
SESSION 2 Latest technology for the low foot-print, precision mine: Hear how industry is already on the journey to making the low foot-print, precision mine a reality through exploration, ore-sorting, processing and recovery.
Dave Cole - CSIRO Data 61, Senior Research Engineer
- Predictive exploration
Nick Cutmore - Director, NextOre Pty Ltd; CSIRO Mineral Resources Research Director, Sensing and Sorting
- Sorting valuable ore from waste
Jeff McCulloch - Managing Director, Clean Mining Limited
- Cyanide-free gold processing
Laura Kuhar - CSIRO Mineral Resources Research Team Leader, Processing
- In-situ recovery: a key part of the invisible miner’s repertoire
SESSION 3 State of Play: Faster, lower-cost tools and techniques for exploration, mining and processing. Explore how you can apply characterisation tools (that you can access today) to make decisions faster and earlier in the mining value chain.
Belinda Godel - CSIRO Mineral Resources Team Leader, Characterisation
- Non-destructive, three-dimensional characterisation of drill core
Mark Dunn - CSIRO Mineral Resources Senior Principal Research Engineer, Sustainable Mining Technologies
- Real time view of underground operations
James Tickner - Chrysos Corporation, Chief Technology Officer and Founder
- Rapid and safe gold analysis
Keith Vining - CSIRO Mineral Resources Group Leader, Processing
- Early prediction of an ore's processability
SESSION 4 State of Play: Data to knowledge: tools for exploration, mining and processing. Hear how the power of data can enhance your characterisation results and drive transformational decision making.
Cerecia Martinez - CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellow, Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform
- Finding new mineral deposits using physics
June Hill - CSIRO Mineral Resources Research Scientist, Discovery
- Rapid and reliable geological logging
Angus MacFarlane - CSIRO Mineral Resources Research Director, Chile
- A new approach to tailings
SESSION 5 Panel and workshop session: Help us to continue to break down technical siloes and workshop some of mining’s biggest challenges with colleagues from a diverse range of technical backgrounds.
Angus MacFarlane - CSIRO Mineral Resources Research Director, Chile
Sandi Occhipinti - CSIRO Mineral Resources Research Director, Discovery
Anil Subramanya - Minerals Research Institute of WA, Research Portfolio Manager
Jacqui Coombes - AMIRA International, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
- Fostering conversations across the resources value chain
SUNDOWNER RIU Explorers 'The Opener' sundowner: Continue to foster conversations across the mining value chain at 'The Opener'.

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Event type: Conference or seminar