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01 Breakthrough

researcher using computer in lab for covid-19 sewage research

Flushing out coronavirus

Working with researchers from The University of Queensland, we have detected the presence of the novel coronavirus gene in raw sewage. This is the first step in developing an early warning surveillance system to track COVID-19 in the community.

02 Research

graphic representation of RNA strands

Cracking the code

As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical for us to understand the genetic make-up of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Bottle of pills spilled over

Superbug survey

Our latest survey shows 92 per cent of Aussies don’t know the difference between a viral and bacterial infection.

03 Discoveries

Bleached Coral

04 People

Woman in safety glasses standing against a machine smiling at the camera.

Meet COVID-19 researcher Tram Phan

Tram is making the vaccine proteins that will be used in The University of Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate. She gives us the low down.


Power up

Our Data61 team is seeking a modelling and simulations scientist to help test and design a next-generation solar redox reactor. Melbourne based.

Space out

We’re looking for an electronics technician to maintain the electronic instrumentation at the Australia Telescope National Facility in Narrabri, NSW.

05 Participate

hand holding an egg

Hands-on science at home

We’ve got some ideas to help you pass the time, even while you’re stuck indoors.

cup of coffee with two hands wearing mittens holding the cup

Hot tips to ditch draughts

Home office a bit chilly? Here’s eight ways to keep warm this winter.


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