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01 Breakthrough

graphic representation of coronavrius under the microscope

Managing environmental change key to preventing animal-borne disease outbreaks

As the world braces for further cases of novel coronavirus, leading biodiversity, health and agriculture experts have come together with the clear goal that ‘prevention is always better than cure’. How can we prevent the emergence of new animal-borne diseases?

02 Research

close up of plastic bottle and other rubbish on the beach

Beached plastics

With all the plastic entering our oceans each year, only one per cent has been observed floating on the surface. The missing plastic has been found on our beaches.

dust clouds rising up behind houses

Solar in storms

Australia has been battered by dust storms, hailstorms and bushfires. What does extreme weather mean for the performance of your solar panels?

03 Discoveries

termite mound in bush. text reads: termite mounds help mineral explorers find hidden metals below

04 People

black and white photo of a group of mainly women sitting around a table

Our first female scientists

When we asked, ‘who was the first female scientist at CSIRO?’ our archives team ended up with more questions than answers. Here’s what they found.


Plant the seed

We're looking for a research scientist to assist in engineering novel synthetic fibres for niche products for the agriculture sector. Canberra based.

Rock on

We're seeking a geologist/mineralogist to gather and interpret data to enable geological, structural and mineral mapping. Perth based.

05 Participate

close up of a hand holding a mobile phone with a map on it

Smart farming apps

We’ve created three online tools to assist farmers with decision making. Here’s how they can help.

aerial view of cape grim monitoring station on coast line

CO2 is trending

We collect data on greenhouse gases from our monitoring station. Tune in on Twitter.


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