Text: Snapshot, Science news highlights

01 Breakthrough

microscopic image of the novel coronavirus on a black background

Understanding coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has now infected thousands of people worldwide. We’re part of the global response as we try to determine the characteristics of the virus to help develop a vaccine.

02 Research

smiling farmer in a cap standing in a field with sheep grazing behind him

Saving the farm

Growing crops suitable for both feeding livestock and for harvesting is helping this farmer weather the drought.

fire danger rating sign

Bushfire Q&A

Our climate researcher explains the impact of climate change on extreme events like bushfires. Is climate change to blame?

03 Discoveries

microscopic image of mosquitoes, one with glowing eyes. Text over the top reads Modified mozzies to help derail dengue

04 People

Jess Melbourne-Thomas holding an award in front of a blue background

Aussie legend

Our climate science researcher, Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas, was in the running for Australian of the Year. She reflects on the honour of being nominated.


Scope this out

We’re seeking a professional engineer to lead a team providing support for our ASKAP telescope. Based in Geraldton WA.

The safe side

Are you interested in researching cyber security? Work with us to help shape the security of critical infrastructure in Australia. Sydney based.

05 Participate

phone with tinder app open

Swipe right

Do you know who’s looking at your dating app data? We explore data privacy and explain how you can protect yourself.

glasses and jars of kombucha

Kombucha kraze

Kombucha is touted for its gut health benefits. We investigate the hype behind it with science. Is kombucha a fermented friend or foe?


Watch Predicting bushfire spread
a forest on fire with lots of smoke

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