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01 Breakthrough

close up of a scientist's hands with gloves on using a syringe

Pre-clinical COVID-19 vaccine trials

We’ve started pre-clinical trials for two vaccine candidates. Vaccines generally take 10-15 years to develop. But researchers like us are hoping to streamline this process. We’re working as part of a global alliance to speed up the vaccine development and have one ready within 12-18 months.

02 Research

plants sprouting from a burned tree log on the ground

Resilience in disaster

We like to think we’re resilient but knowing what that looks like at a time of unprecedented challenge takes more than national pride – it takes good science.

two bats hanging upside down from a tree

Tracing COVID-19 source

If it came from a bat, it may have gone through another animal and then to humans allowing the virus to mutate.

03 Discoveries

Electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2 virions with visible coronae

04 People

fresh fruit and vegetables in a supermarket

Coronavirus and food

We spoke with our resident food microbiology expert Cathy Moir about food and coronavirus. We get the low down.

close up photo of a scientist holding a glass slide used to create polymers

Business challenges during COVID-19

We're continuing to deliver innovative science and technology for our business customers and partners. Find out how we can support you now and in the future.

05 Participate

person with glasses lying on a bed reading a book

Isolation reads

We’ve put together a list of our top books, articles and reports to get you through self-isolation. Book it in.

person sitting a couch working on a laptop

Cybersecurity in a pandemic

What do you need to consider when preparing your workforce to work from home? Our data experts explain.


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