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Smart tech for start-up in solar

Smart tech for start-up in solar

Solar intermittency keeping you up at night? Probably not, but it’s worried us. Which is why we’ve lent our tech expertise to renewable energy start-up Evergen, who recently launched Australia’s first intelligent home energy management system. Combining solar panels and batteries with our ‘smart technology’, the system continuously analyses and optimises home energy use. It looks at the power consumption patterns of each household combined with local weather to make smart decisions that reduce energy costs. The system is available to all Australians in an early release program. Want smarter solar tech management in your home or business?

02 Research

We continue research into dairy

Dairy and weight loss: The facts

“Milk was a bad choice!” – so were the words of the legendary Ron Burgundy after consuming a carton of the stuff on a particularly hot day. When it comes to weight loss and diet, the common thinking is that Ron’s words hold true: dairy has often been thought to be fattening. But a recent comprehensive scientific review we completed found that dairy consumption in the context of controlled calories may actually support weight loss and body composition changes. Weighing up on dairy

Telehealth could save $3b a year

Telehealth could save $3b a year

In Australia, health costs big. With an ageing population (by 2042, 25 per cent of Australians will be over 65) and current spend on healthcare already making up 9 per cent of GDP, we have a huge problem on our hands. We’ve just finished the largest ever national trial of an at-home telemonitoring system that allows the elderly and those with chronic diseases to self-manage their conditions at home. The results are very positive and show a national roll-out could equate to healthcare savings of around $3 billion a year. The good news for healthcare

03 Discoveries

Uncovering a new vision of Degas

04 People

Winners at the 2016 Eureka Awards

Big wins at Eurekas

We call it the Oscars of the science world, with a little less drama and Dior. Last week we were thrilled to applaud two of our own among the winners at the prestigious Eureka Prizes. Congratulations to black hole hunter Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith for her amazing work in science communication and to our Marine Debris Team for their mission to help save Australia’s wildlife from an ocean and coastal pollution pandemic. See how their impressive work won over the judges


A rocking Director

Our Mineral Resources business unit is looking for an experienced mining engineer to lead its Hard Rock Mining research program. This new venture will bring together the capabilities of CSIRO and CRCMining to establish the world’s largest metalliferous mining R&D entity, Mining3.

Security of the future

Data61 is looking for an experienced research scientist with expertise in cybersecurity - specifically in the areas of automating cybersecurity, building resilient systems and IoT security. You will lead both strategic and industry projects and undertake novel and world class research.

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Magpies return with Spring

The science of the magpie swoop

With warmer weather showing signs of returning across the country, so too is one of spring’s many delights: the black and white marauder waiting to terrorise unsuspecting picnickers, exercisers and office workers alike. Have you been the unlucky victim of a magpie swoop? We put hypotheses to the test, and put our own noggins on the line, to bring you this illuminating bit of kind-of-science about why magpies swoop and whether those pipe cleaners on your bike helmet are really only a fashion statement. Taming the magpie menace

Our T-shirts are now for sale

CSIRO Greatest Hits Tour

You’ve probably noticed we’re pretty proud of our long list of achievements – we do talk about them from time to time. Well, now you can wear them (literally) and help beat the drum for CSIRO. We’ve opened up a shop for you to purchase a few of our original t-shirts – one for music lovers and one for pixel art aficionados. We think they’d make the perfect Christmas present (too early?). Get trendy now

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What is solar energy

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