01 Breakthrough

image of ant

Ridding Lord Howe Island of a big-headed problem

Australia has a very delicate but rich natural ecosystem where our native wildlife and vegetation can thrive. Lord Howe Island, just off the east coast of New South Wales, is a prime example of Australia’s biodiversity. However, when the African big-headed ant (an exotic invasive species) took up residence on the island throughout the settlement area, it had a devastating impact on the local landscape. The species is listed as one of the 100 worst pests in the world and can readily out-compete and displace native invertebrates, especially native ants. To combat it, we headed up a team of local rangers and experts to track the African big-headed ant infestations all across the island.

02 Research

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Homemade remedy for Aussie bioetch

Australian biotech companies will soon be able to manufacture their treatments locally thanks to a new state of the art, early-stage biologics manufacturing facility. The biotech industry develops treatments for everything from cancer, hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS, to snake bite anti venoms and flu vaccines. The new home-grown facility means we can have a ready supply of treatments here in Australia.

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When a turtle's expecting

We're using ultrasound technology to detect the signs of early life in female turtles. We safely capture and ultrasound the turtles, which shows us if the female has egg follicles and whether it will soon lay eggs. Once we identify an expectant turtle mum, we can attach a satellite tag to track her to the nesting site. This research helps us better understand turtle behaviour and aid in their conservation.

03 Discoveries

04 People

The science of teaching science

Meet Adele Hudson, winner of the BHP Billiton Foundation Science and Engineering Teacher Award. This award recognises teachers who engage students in open-ended investigations and make an outstanding contribution to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education in Australia. Adele believes that giving students time to explore ideas that interest them through open inquiry is one way to spark interest in STEM.


Stamp your mark

The development and execution of a strategic plan to increase engagement, awareness and trust through CSIRO’s communications and Corporate Affairs programs and campaigns is the deal for the Executive Manager, Brand and Marketing. Among other things you will be responsible for providing leadership to a team working across Brand and Marketing, Services, Business and Customer Engagement and CSIRO’s ON Program.

Something brewing

A Fermentation Scientist with CSIRO Manufacturing will use extensive knowledge and experience in fermentation and microbiology to support research scientists in our Industrial Biotechnology team. You will develop fermentation processes and implementing process optimisation protocols using a diverse range of microorganisms.

05 Participate

Image of weight lifting

Exercise resistance

If you think resistance exercise is for the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of the world, think again. Resistance exercise increases muscle strength by making your muscles work against a weight or force. This style of exercise becomes even more important as we get older and start to experience muscle loss associated with ageing. It can even help prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, type II diabetes, and heart disease. Do you even lift?

Image of rice

A new, healthier rice

We’ve identified a variety of rice that has an outer layer that is four to twelve times thicker than usual rice. By studying this variety, we’ve uncovered the gene responsible for the tiny change that makes this dramatic shift happen in grain development. This breakthrough means it may be possible to get all the nutritional value and gut health promoting fibre of wholegrain rice from varieties we prefer to eat. And it's not just rice on the menu for this innovation.


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