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Reeling in illegal fishing

Illegal fishing accounts for as much as 19 per cent of fish caught worldwide, and more than 30 per cent of fisheries are considered overexploited. It’s vital we put a stop to this damaging trade. But with thousands of fishing boats operating across the globe, it’s impossible for authorities to be able to search every vessel. We’re helping authorities narrow the net on illegal fishing by developing technology that will help surveillance agencies across the world.

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Flexible food

When most of us think of starting a diet to lose weight, we automatically assume we have to give up all the foods and drinks we love. For some people this makes it hard to stick to a diet long enough to get the desired results. Our researchers have come up with the solution: the Flexi Diet. By eating a bit less some days, the Flexi Diet allows one day a week to have some of the food or drinks you enjoy. No need to give up your Sunday parmi!

Reading cancer's fine print

Seeing tiny blood vessels could be key to finding tumours before they become dangerous. Currently, high-resolution images are taken of the area’s blood vessel structure, but — due to technical limitations — these images have some of their most vital details stripped away. Our researchers have created an algorithm to model blood vessel growth more accurately.

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Solving magnetic mysteries

For almost half a century geologists have been speculating the cause of a mysterious magnetic anomaly in the Nullarbor. Did the rock form in the Northern Hemisphere and move south on its tectonic travels? Or perhaps it formed at a time when the Earth’s magnetic poles were reversed? It could even be the result of a meteorite impact. Our scientists are working with the South Australian Geological Survey to unlock the mysteries of the Nullarbor.


Ripe for the picking

Developing and evaluating new grapevine varieties with CSIRO Agriculture and Food in Adelaide is the main task of this job. As a research technician you will support research using both conventional and marker-assisted breeding techniques. Travel and field work at various sites is required and some interstate travel also.

Get with the program

The Program Manager – Industrial PhD with us will develop, implement and manage our Industrial PhD pilot program. The program is a new and major initiative to bring research and industry skills to the next generation of PhD students in the Australian innovation system. You will be responsible for finalising the development of a pilot program with key partners, as well as implementing and managing this major initiative. Where you do this from is negotiable.

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Spider spy

Australians have a love/hate relationship with spiders. We love the cute peacock spider but aren't too keen on sharing a car ride with a huntsman. But do you know your Sydney funnel-web (dangerous) from your Victorian funnel-web (not so dangerous)? Now you can find out! With over 1300 photos, we've published the most detailed account of Australian spiders ever.

Energy opportunity

The future of energy production is a complex issue. Sometimes it’s nice to look on the bright side: Australia is well positioned to benefit from innovative low emission technologies. No matter which avenue we take to cleaner energy, our energy-rich resources means there are opportunities for Australian businesses – and cheaper energy for Australian consumers.


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