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01 Breakthrough

woolly mammoth exhibit at museum

Lifespans of extinct animals revealed

We’ve discovered a simple way to estimate how long animals live. Using DNA we revealed the lifespans of extinct species including woolly mammoths and Neanderthals. Our research benefits fisheries and conservation management which, until now, have relied on observing how long animals live in the wild. How long did a woolly mammoth live for?

02 Research

graphic of a plane and earth in the background

Predicting dengue

Our computational model accurately predicts the spread of infectious diseases carried by air passengers, such as dengue fever. It could help prevent future outbreaks.

six-legged robot

AI for good

From agriculture and climate, to energy and health care – we’re looking at AI possibilities across many industries. And the AI Roadmap will help us get there.

03 Discoveries

orange and black insect on a flower and the words scientits fear insect populations are shrinking but you can help

04 People

farm with silos in the background

Weathering drought

Queensland farmer Daniel Wegener is using a technique we developed called early sowing to make the best of the current drought.


Fish around

We’re looking for a research scientist to lead our efforts in fisheries and conservation management. Hobart based.

Dig in

We’re seeking a soil carbon scientist to support sustainable land management and national carbon accounting systems. Adelaide based.

05 Participate

cooked prawns on a plate with salad

Prawn stars

We're getting more Aussie prawns on your plate this Christmas. Five facts about our prawns.

arial view of water lapping onto shore of white sand

Sea songs

Our latest playlist of ocean songs will help you get ready for the summer holidays. Dive in.


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