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01 Customers

Data61 opens for business

Data61 opens for business

1139 registered attendees, 78 booths and a legion of scientists, mathematicians and engineers ready to explain why our future depends on data; it’s fair to say Australia’s largest digital research innovation group, Data61, was launched in style last week. Already on the Data61 books are 31 government partners, 91 corporate partners and 29 partner universities – it’s through this partner network that Australia will be equipped for the data-driven disruption of the future. Can we help your business or research team get ready?

02 Research

Accelerating drug discovery

Accelerating drug discovery

Cancer patients could soon benefit from a promising new drug we’re developing with biotech company, MecRx. It’s a great partnership that demonstrates how a growing Australian company has found a sustainable way to tap into top-class research and science. Tackling cancer with collaboration

A pregant woman

Supercomputers & pelvic prolapses

One in ten women worldwide will suffer a pelvic organ prolapse, and in Australia, one in five will require surgery. We’re working on a new mesh to be used in surgeries, one coated with the patient’s own uterine cells. We’re also using a supercomputer to help us test different scenarios for ‘mesh stress’ – a science and technology match made in heaven. A match to better mesh

03 Discoveries

Found! A new molecule that will enable faster, less invasive stem cell harvetsing for treating leukaemia

04 People

100 women for 100 years

100 women for 100 years

In 1916, Prime Minister Billy Hughes gave a speech that changed our nation and ultimately led to the formation of CSIRO. As we celebrate 100 years of science in Australia, we took the opportunity to profile 100 of our women for International Women’s Day. 100 women for 100 years


One plus two = job

You can count on this as being a top job but you’d better hurry. You’ll be working in Perth, conducting high quality research work into Complex Systems Theory and its application to Engineered Systems. This Postdoctoral Fellow will have a doctorate (or will shortly satisfy the requirements of a PhD) in a relevant branch of Mathematics, Physics, Computing or Engineering.

Make the data connection

Working in Data61 you will help to identify and target start-up communities and industry associations. Based in Canberra, the job is about collaborating with research program directors and key research staff to identify and target key government business opportunities for Data61 research and software development services.

05 Participate

Fried eggs cooking in a frypan

Egg-splaining egg safety

Do you store them chilled or at room temperature? What does it mean when an egg sinks in a basin of water? Before you make your eggy brekkie, make sure you read our tips on how to purchase, store, and consume eggs safely. Get the egg-spertise now

A smiling child with an insect in a container

The wonder of miniature lives

We can’t avoid insects – for every one of us, there are 150 million of them. And yet most people don’t know an aphid from an antlion. We think it’s time to put down the Mortein and teach yourself (and your little ones) just how amazing these creepy crawlies can be. Identify insects in your garden

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