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Event date and time

Monday 23 - Friday 27 Sep 2024
Expires 31 July


Early bird registration
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 1 Bryce Avenue, Kensington WA Australia

IWOMP International Workshop 2024

Two top-ranked international conferences related to the two most iconic tools for parallel programming in High Performance Computing (OpenMP and MPI) will occur together in a co-located format in Perth, Australia, at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre during the week of September 23-27. These two conferences (IWOMP and EuroMPI 2024) have historically attracted prominent researchers and developers of parallel tools from the leading supercomputing centers around the world.

EuroMPI 24

Registrations can be made for one conference, the other, or both, providing the best value for the week. Please review the individual descriptions of each conference below and click the 'Register now' button to register.


In person prices (includes daily catering and attendee dinner ticket for Sept 25th):

  • Early Bird (before 31 July):
    • In-person IWOMP: $550 AUD (Sept 23-25)
    • In-person EuroMPI: $550 AUD (Sept 25-27)
    • In-person IWOMP+EuroMPI: $880 AUD (Whole week Sept 23-27)
  • Normal Price (After 1 August):
    • In-person IWOMP: $630 AUD (Sept 23-25)
    • In-person EuroMPI: $630 AUD (Sept 25-27)
    • In-person IWOMP+EuroMPI: $1005 AUD (Whole week Sept 23-27)

Online prices:

  • Online EuroMPI: $215 AUD (Sept 25-27)
  • Online IWOMP: --Not Available –

Additional options:

  • In-person "MPI Forum": $135 AUD (Sept 23-24)
  • Guest dinner ticket: $165 AUD (Sept 25)


  • IWOMP and/or EuroMPI 2024

    Registration from AUD$135


Dates and Times

Event date: Sep 2024

23 September - 27 September 2024

Early bird registration

Expires 31 July

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 1 Bryce Avenue, Kensington WA Australia

More information

IWOMP 2024 Conference is coming to Perth

23 September - 25 September 2024

The International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP) is an annual workshop dedicated to promoting and advancing all aspects of parallel programming with OpenMP. Since 2005, this pioneering workshop has attracted an international audience of leading academic and industrial experts. It is the premier forum to present and discuss issues, trends, recent research ideas, and results related to parallel programming with OpenMP.

Advancing OpenMP for Future Accelerators

Future HPC systems will include tighter integration of multiple compute devices, such as CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and even QPUs. Therefore, programming model support for handling multiple levels of parallelism and managing data across memory spaces is growing in importance. Further, the diversity in compute architectures makes programming mechanisms that enable portability and performance portability essential. This year’s theme highlights OpenMP extensions, implementations and applications that facilitate using such systems and papers that detail them are particularly welcome.

Call for papers is open:

IWOMP 2024 conference official site:

EuroMPI 2024 Conference is coming to Perth

25 September - 27 September 2024

The EuroMPI/Australia 2024 conference is the preeminent meeting for users, developers and researchers to interact and discuss new developments and applications of the Message Passing Interface (MPI). This includes new proposed concepts and extensions to the MPI standard, libraries and languages built on top of MPI, interfaces to other standards in parallel programming, applications and optimizations to new architectures and networks, novel algorithms, and tools, with particular focus on quality, portability, performance, and scalability. The annual EuroMPI meeting has a long, rich tradition and has been held since 1994.

Through the presentation of contributed papers, posters and invited talks, the conference presents a complete overview of MPI, its current usage in the parallel programming landscape, and its future directions. The EuroMPI/Australia 2024 conference provides ample opportunities for attendees to interact and share ideas and experiences to contribute to the improvement and furthering of message-passing and related parallel programming paradigms.

Calls for Papers and Posters are open now – Submission deadline is 10 May 2024

EuroMPI 2024 conference official site: