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Thursday 15 Aug 2024
11.00 to 11.40am AEST


Online virtual event
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How you can help our satellites measure water quality

About this National Science Week event

How can taking a picture on your phone help us predict a slimy green algal bloom or a mass fish kill or even when it’s safe to go for a swim?

Join us for a webinar to learn about CSIRO’s AquaWatch Australia, a national service we're developing to give water quality updates and forecasts. AquaWatch will combine water quality sensor data with satellite images from space to measure water quality all around Australia.

Learn how we’re using AI and other computing techniques to turn all this data into useful monitoring and predictions that environment managers, fish farms and the community can use to check water quality and make prepared decisions.

Plus, learn how you can add data about your local waterways with just a quick pic on your phone. Your photos could be helping validate what we’re seeing from 600km away in space!

Educators will be sent a teaching resource including curriculum-aligned activities to take the webcast further in class. Teachers can also submit questions on behalf of their class when they register for this event, to be answered during the webinar.

About your host

Janet Anstee

Janet Anstee

Janet Anstee is the Deputy Director and First Nations Engagement Lead for AquaWatch. She also leads the ‘CSIRO Eye on Water – Australia’ project which brings together her earth observation skills and interest in aquatic systems with citizen science.

Janet is an aquatic remote sensing scientist, specialising in bio-optical modelling to advance water quality discrimination and enhance understanding of aquatic habitats. Find out more about Janet and her research.

Year level

This webinar is most suited for students in Years 7-9 but open to any age.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Aug 2024

Thursday 15 Aug 2024

Online virtual event

11.00 to 11.40am AEST

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