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Tuesday 13 Aug 2024
11.00 to 11.30am AEST


Online virtual event
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All the ways we are counting koalas in Australia and how you can too

About this National Science Week event

Koala populations across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland are listed as endangered. In other regions of South Australia and Victoria there are concerns about local koala populations.

In this webinar, join scientists from the CSIRO-led National Koala Monitoring Program (NKMP) who are working alongside local communities to estimate, monitor and assess koala populations nationally.

Regardless of where you’re based, this National Science Week, we will take you on a journey to find out more about this furry little Aussie icon. We will cover how we find and count them using drones, visual surveys, detection dogs, and apps and show you how you can get involved in citizen science and join in the Great Koala Count!

This webinar touches on themes relating to conservation, ecology, biology and the use of data, maths, and technologies in real world science. Educators will be sent a teaching resource including curriculum-aligned activities to take the webinar further in class.

Teachers can also submit questions on behalf of their class when they register for this event, to be answered during the webinar.

About your hosts

Dr Andrew Hoskins

Dr Andrew Hoskins, CSIRO

Dr Andrew Hoskins is a quantitative biologist experienced in developing and applying novel statistical and technical solutions, often in research areas where humans and ecological systems interact. His work focuses on koala conservation, feral animal control, biodiversity assessment and Indigenous-led land management. His expertise lies in integrating multiple disparate data streams, through smart modelling techniques, working within within marine and terrestrial environments. Find out more about Dr Hoskins and his research.


Dr Samantha Munroe

Dr Samantha Munroe, CSIRO

Dr Samantha Munroe is a spatial ecologist experienced in quantifying and mapping the distribution of species in both marine and terrestrial environments. She has used a wide range of techniques to study plant and animal habitat use, including active and passive tracking of animals and biodiversity assessments. She also has expertise in science communication and outreach and is passionate about improving scientific literacy in the broader community. Find out more about Dr Munroe and her research.


Dr Romane Cristescu

Dr Romane Cristescu, University of Sunshine Coast

Dr Romane Cristescu is Director of Detection Dogs for Conservation and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She is a conservation ecologist and qualified veterinarian whose work centres on this single and complex question: “how can we best help wildlife in a world dominated by humans?” Romane works to develop more accurate and efficient methodologies to collect data including the use of detection dogs, drone-mounted thermal cameras and technologies to monitor koala movement. Romane believes that compassion and collaboration are key to conservation impact. Find out more about Dr Cristescu and her research.

Year level

This webinar is most suited for students in Years 4-6 but open to any age.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Aug 2024

Tuesday 13 Aug 2024

Online virtual event

11.00 to 11.30am AEST

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