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Event date and time

Tuesday 28 - Wednesday 29 May 2024


Online or in-person attendance options available
Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney, 11 Jamison Street, Sydney NSW

The global population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, fuelling the demand for protein. The world will need to produce more protein, sustainably, from a variety of sources. The increasing global demand for high-quality protein opens up new growth opportunities for Australia's agrifood industry.

As a major producer and exporter of protein, Australian industry is well-placed to enhance existing animal and plant protein production alongside developing novel protein production systems and products that meet the requirements and preferences of changing consumers.

In the global race to fulfil protein demand, Australia holds a competitive advantage across plant, animal and novel protein technologies as long as we continue to invest urgently in the future.

This symposium provides an open forum for leading protein and food innovators to discuss challenges and opportunities. Together, we’ll consider the opportunities and challenges in scaling up protein production for the future, including looking at current and cutting-edge food science and technology.

In partnership with industry stakeholders and thought leaders, we’re discussing how the plant, animal and novel protein industries complement each other. Together, we all contribute to a more holistic protein industry, growing through sustainable and efficient technology development in a tightening capital market.

Set over two days, Protein Futures includes:

  • keynote speakers presenting on the pathway to scaling up Australia’s protein industry; discussing the National Protein Roadmap’s progress, and the path forwards for our complementary industry of plant, animal and novel proteins
  • expert presentations on current and future protein opportunities, consumers and nutrition, sustainability, and the value-add circular economy.
  • discussion on investment through the venture science model, and the evolving collaborative protein ecosystem, plus start-up pitches.
  • campfire panels – fireside chats on emerging topics
  • networking function


Attend in-person: $495    
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Attend online: $275
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Dates and Times

Event date: May 2024

28 May - 29 May 2024

Online or in-person attendance options available

Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney, 11 Jamison Street, Sydney NSW
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Nick Tomkins

More information

Day 1: Tuesday 28th May 2024

Session 1: Scaling up the Future of Protein

Session 2: Future Proteins on the horizon

Session 3: Nutrition for the Future: a sustainable protein ecosystem for nutrition and consumer empowerment

Session 4: From Startup to Impact: the journey of a protein idea in the venture science model

Networking Function from 5pm

Day 2: Wednesday 29th May 2024

Session 5: Sustainable Growth of Protein Production

Session 6: Revolutionising Australia’s Protein Landscape: Collaborative Strategies and Innovation for a Thriving Protein Super-System

Session 7: Circular economy – Closing the protein loop

A full program will be released in March 2024

Who should attend?

Technology, R&D and innovation leads in the Australian food and agribusiness industry and government, as well as experts in the university sector. Everyone with a professional or academic interest in the future of our growing protein industry.