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Friday 6 Oct 2023
11.00am to 12.00pm AEDT


Online virtual event
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We all want to make food choices that support our farmers and are healthy and sustainable for the planet. CSIRO’s expertise in food science supports the Australian food industry to compete in domestic and global markets and make food products for consumers that are safe, sustainable and taste great.

Join the conversation to hear how research, industry and commercial partners are coming together to accelerate a healthy and sustainable future for food.

The panel, moderated by CSIRO's Director of Agriculture and Food Dr Michael Robertson, will explore the importance of a coordinated approach for the future of our food needs, the role new proteins will play in feeding a growing global population, and how the ‘paddock to plate’ approach needs to bring together all elements along the supply chain.

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Dates and Times

Event date: Oct 2023

Friday 6 Oct 2023

Online virtual event

11.00am to 12.00pm AEDT

Login details will be emailed to registrants


Katy Hayhurst

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Our Speakers:

Dr Michael Robertson

CSIRO Director Agriculture & Food

Dr Michael Robertson leads CSIRO’s world-leading research and innovation in Australia’s agrifood and fibre sectors worth an annual turnover of more than $220 million. As a leader for more than 850 scientists across Australia, he is driven to deliver on healthier, trusted, safer and more sustainable food and fibre for domestic and international markets. With a background in tropical agriculture, he sits on advisory boards and committees including globally for the UK-based Rothamsted Science and Industry Advisory Board and the Research Advisory Committee of the Australian Farm Institute.

Dr Jen Taylor

CSIRO Deputy Director Agriculture & Food

Dr Jen Taylor is focussed on supporting world-class research in Australia to deliver impact in the areas of resilient food and fibre farming systems.  She is driving innovative science and technology looking into areas including future crops, high value protein industries, healthy and secure food systems and trusted supply chains. With a background in genetics, Dr Taylor has spearheaded international agritech research projects in the areas of crop genomics and performance. She has a particular interest in how data science models can help build a sustainable agriculture sector into the future.

Professor Michelle Colgrave

 CSIRO Deputy Director Agriculture & Food

Professor Michelle Colgrave is internationally renowned for her work in proteomics - the study of proteins. Her motivation is to deliver science outcomes for the benefit of human and planetary health with a focus on providing optimum nutrition more sustainably.  She has been involved in optimising grains, legumes and oilseeds for population health, including gluten-free barley, plant-based foods and omega-3 canola. Michelle focuses on the whole value chain from production to customer, delivering premium protein ingredients and products, addressing the rapid growth of the protein-based sector.

Dr Leif Lundin

CSIRO Research Director Food

Dr Leif Lundin began his working life in Sweden before bringing his expertise in food research and technology to CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre in Melbourne. He leads a large group of researchers looking at everything from food to nutrition to life science. He works closely with the private sector and industry and research partners to deliver impact and value in the agrifood sector in Australia and internationally. Leif was a key member of the taskforce that implemented Australia’s National Food and Nutrition Research and Development and Technology Transfer Strategy.

Dr Crispin Howitt

CSIRO Future Protein Mission Lead

Dr Crispin Howitt has recently taken up the challenge of delivering new protein, more sustainably, from a range of sources for our future global needs. With demand for protein globally expected to increase by 50 per cent in the coming years, he is spearheading CSIRO’s efforts to tackle the challenge of our future global food requirements using innovative science and technology. His research interests have covered a range of projects in enhancing the functionality and nutritional profile of pulses and legumes.  He is now driving opportunities to add value to all types of protein, with industry, research and commercial partners.