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Event date and time

Friday 8 Dec 2023
9.00am to 4.30pm AEDT


Four Seasons Hotel
199 George Street, Sydney NSW

ceda | CSIRO National Artificial Intelligence Centre | AI Leadership Summit 2023

The National Artificial Intelligence Centre and CEDA (Committee for Economic Development Australia) are partnering to present the AI Leadership Summit 2023, convening leading voices on how AI can be leveraged in a positive and inclusive way to transform industries and advance the Australian economy.

Focused on leadership, the Summit will outline how leaders can position their organisations, and Australia more broadly to enable the take up of responsible AI at scale.

Featuring a compelling line-up of Australian and international thought leaders, the program includes keynotes, panel discussions, AI demonstrations, fireside chats, deep-dive breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

Hear from Australian and global AI leaders including:

  • Cathy Li, Head, AI, Data and Metaverse, World Economic Forum
  • James Manyika, Senior Vice President, Research, Technology & Society, Google
  • Kate Pounder, Chief Executive Officer, Tech Council of Australia
  • Barb Hyman Chief Executive Officer,
  • Lorraine Finlay, Human Rights Commissioner
  • Sam Nickless, Chief Executive Officer and Partner, Gilbert + Tobin
  • Dr Helen Frazer, Clinical Director of St Vincent’s BreastScreen and BreastScreen Victoria
  • Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director, SAP Australia and New Zealand
  • Stela Solar, Director, CSIRO’s National Artificial Intelligence Centre


  • Registration from $695

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Dates and Times

Event date: Dec 2023

Friday 8 Dec 2023

Four Seasons Hotel

9.00am to 4.30pm AEDT

199 George Street, Sydney NSW
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  • CEDA member: $695
  • CEDA member table of 10: $6255
  • Non-member: $995
  • Non-member table of 10: $9950

The Summit will inform, empower and connect executives, board members, government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders looking to advance their knowledge of the global AI landscape.

The Summit is focused on critical issues leaders will need to navigate, including:

  • AI leadership, the role of executives and boards, governance and regulatory developments
  • Powering productivity through AI innovation
  • Equitably scaling AI to diversify and boost the Australian economy
  • Developing skills and sovereign AI capabilities
  • Exploring AI’s role as a force for good, solving complex problems and delivering transformative economic, social and environmental opportunities.

Join your peers and leaders from the National AI Centre and CEDA networks to explore Australia’s leadership opportunity, and support the adoption of responsible AI at scale, placing Australia firmly within the global AI conversation.

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