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Event date and time

Wednesday 31 May 2023
1.00pm AEST


Online virtual event

Dear Colleague,

We are excited to invite you to the third Autonomous Sensors FSP Science Seminar Series seminar on WebEx at 1:00 pm (AEST) on Wednesday the 31st of May.

The Autonomous Sensors FSP Science Seminar Series is a monthly seminar series that aims to highlight topics of interest to the Autonomous Sensors FSP. This series will cover multidisciplinary research on sensors including emerging sensor technologies, remote and real time sensors, scalable sensor networks, and autonomous sensor platforms. The sensors have applications in a wide variety of fields including agriculture, minerals, health, biosecurity and water. This third seminar on "Autonomous Sensors in Water" will have three speakers:

Dr Hui Sheng Lim

Speaker 1: Dr Hui Sheng Lim

Title: Autonomous systems for marine observations

Hui Sheng is a Hobart-based postdoc with a PhD in marine engineering. His current research focus is on the development of autonomous marine systems to support sustained marine observations for the Autonomous Sensors FSP project. His research expertise lies in the areas of engineering and computational research, with a specialisation in the maritime sector. Hui Sheng has a track record of extending the development and optimisation of AI for the operations of autonomous and manned marine systems, as well as modelling and simulating marine vehicles and ocean environments. His current work involves gathering and analysing quantitative and qualitative data to develop planning algorithms that enhance the operation of autonomous marine vehicles.

Dr Tarun Sanders

Speaker 2: Dr Tarun Sanders

Title: Developments towards realising a low cost in situ nitrate sensor

Tarun Sanders is a postdoctoral fellow under CSIRO’s Autonomous Sensing Future Science Platform. His work will focus on developing a low cost, in situ optical sensor for detection of various water quality parameters. This work is part of the AquaWatch mission for developing an in situ sensor network for the monitoring of water quality in Australia. Tarun’s previous Ph.D. project at the University of Western Australia involved advancing coherent optical fibre bundle technology for imaging applications in the visible (VIS) to short-wave infrared (SWIR) range.

Tarun Sanders is working on "In Situ Water Quality Sensor Development" under the supervision of Tim Malthus, and Stephen Gensemer.

Dr Tian Cong

Speaker 3: Dr Tian Cong

Title: Iteratively learn regression models for predicting the gene concentration in recreation water

Tian Cong received her B.Eng. degree from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, China, in 2014, a M.Eng. degree from the Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia, in 2016, and her Ph.D. degree from the AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland, in 2021.

She is currently a Postdoc fellow in CSIRO, working on making decisions when trying to integrate information from multiple sources. The outcomes will benefit multiple disciplines. She is splitting her effort between the Mineral Resources and Environmental BU problems, and is also collaborating with Data61.

The previous seminars covered the topics "Introduction to the Autonomous Sensors FSP" and "Autonomous Sensors using Artificial Intelligence". Please follow the link to watch them.

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Dates and Times

Event date: May 2023

Wednesday 31 May 2023

Online virtual event

1.00pm AEST

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Jiasheng Su

More information

The AS FSP Science Seminar Series will be held on the last Wednesday of each month, with each seminar having a different theme related to sensors. Upcoming seminars in this series include:

  • Autonomous sensing in Molecular Sensors – June 28
  • Autonomous sensing in Minerals and soil – July 26

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We look forward to your attendance!