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Event date and time

Thursday 30 Mar 2023
8.00am to 10.00am ACST


Darwin Hilton
32 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT

An industry and community forum is being held to launch a new Home Comfort Rating system for Darwin residential building designs.

The Home Comfort Ratings:

  • have been built into a trial version of CSIRO's accredited Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) software, AccuRate, and
  • complement the current energy ratings used to demonstrate compliance with National Construction Code energy efficiency requirements.

Energy star ratings assess energy use when air conditioners are on. The new 'for information' Home Comfort Ratings assess the comfort of Darwin living room and bedroom designs when no air conditioning is being used.

This forum will include presentations, a Home Comfort Rating demonstration and a 'where to from here?' discussion opportunity including:

  • University of Adelaide field validation of the house energy and comfort rating software
  • Development of comfort ratings by Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • A live demonstration of comfort ratings achieved by different design approaches.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Mar 2023

Thursday 30 Mar 2023

Darwin Hilton

8.00am to 10.00am ACST

32 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT


Stephen Cook

More information

In partnership with Northern Territory Government

This project is part of the work of the Darwin Living Lab. The Darwin Living Lab was established to foster improvements in the liveability, sustainability and resilience of the city. The Darwin Living Lab is an initiative under the Darwin City Deal and is a 10-year collaboration between CSIRO and the deal partners; the Australian Government, Northern Territory Government and the City of Darwin.

Project information is available at, including QUT's Data Analysis Report and Comfort Rating Recommendations.