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Bringing researchers and organisations together to reduce seawater nutrient measurement errors

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Showing 2 of 2 dates for this event. Dates available from 02 Jun 2023 until 02 Jun 2023

Hosted by CSIRO, the International Nutrient Inter-comparison Voyage (INIV) will take place in June 2023. INIV brings researchers from across the globe together on-board CSIRO research vessel (RV) Investigator to study inter-comparability of seawater nutrient measurements and different shipboard methodologies, with their aim to reduce error between international laboratories.

Currently, comparability of oceanographic nutrient data sets is poor, with potential error upwards of 10% between international laboratories. This project is investigating the causes of these differences, and studies the techniques and methodologies that agencies use while at sea.

Prior to RV Investigator’s departure, voyage partners and members of the marine research community are welcomed to this INIV launch event to hear from participants, keynote speaker Christina Schallenberg of CSIRO and INIV Chief Scientist, CSIRO’s Andreas Marouchos.


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Dates and Times

Showing 2 of 2 dates for this event.
Dates available from 02 Jun 2023 until 02 Jun 2023

Event date: Jun 2023

Friday 2 Jun 2023

Attend in person at Auditorium (Building #1) CSIRO Marine Laboratories

4.00pm to 5.00pm AEST. Please only register to attend in person if you are attending the INIV Voyage. This is to reduce the potential risk of COVID spreading amongst participants prior to the voyage.

3-4 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point Tas
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Event date: Jun 2023

Friday 2 Jun 2023

Attend online

4.00pm to 5.00pm AEST

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Julie Janssens

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CSIRO Ocean Nutrient Symposium June 2023

CSIRO’s Open Ocean Nutrient Symposium brings nutrient technicians and scientists together to discuss analytical methods, new technologies, and data processing capabilities. The symposium will take place in nipaluna/Hobart in June 2023, coinciding with the International Nutrient Inter-comparison Voyage (INIV). The event will be a combination of hybrid, virtual and in-person events, including live broadcasts from the unique ocean-going setting onboard CSIRO’s research vessel (RV) Investigator. This symposium will foster knowledge sharing, further develop laboratory best practices, and will improve the comparability of global nutrient datasets utilised by oceanographers, climate scientists and biogeochemists. The innovative hybrid format of this event will allow attendees access to hands-on experiences and exchanges like never before.

Discussions will cover new and emerging analytical, data processing and technical capabilities, including but not limited to methods and implementation of nanomolar nutrient analysis, robust data pipelines, miniaturisation, and the development of experimental non-bias procedures to increase comparability of nutrient datasets.


  1. 2 June 2023: CSIRO’s International Nutrient Inter-comparison Voyage Launch
  2. Between 6 - 16 June 2023: Live broadcast session from CSIRO’s RV Investigator: These 1-hour sessions will present a unique aspect of nutrient analysis, data interpretation, and nutrient impacts on ocean research
  3. 20 June 2023: Full-day Ocean Nutrient Symposium.

The call for abstracts for the full day Ocean Nutrient Symposium will open in April 2023.

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