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Showing 2 of 2 dates for this event. Dates available from 15 May 2023 until 15 May 2023

This scientific conference will be held to celebrate the career of Prof Ray Norris. Ray moved to Australia to help build and commission the CSIRO Australia Telescope Compact Array and in the last 40 years has had a huge impact on Australian radio astronomy as well as Indigenous and Cultural astronomy. While this conference will include some reflections on Ray’s career it will very much be a scientific conference based around the following themes:

  • History and Future of Large Australian radio surveys
    • From ATCA to ASKAP Australia has long been home to radio surveys probing the southern sky – all of which Ray has played a major part in. As well as a historic overview we invite talks presenting the latest results from continuum radio surveys including early results from the Evolutionary Map of the Universe survey. We also solicit talks on novel discoveries from or novel uses of radio continuum surveys.
  • Active Galactic Nuclei and Galaxy Evolution
    • Since his PhD Ray has been interested in AGN and how they impact galaxy evolution. We invite talks in this area particularly on the radio perspective of powerful AGN and star-forming galaxies (i.e. LIRGs and ULIRGs).
  • Machine learning, big data and citizen science
    • In the era of petabyte and terabyte data sets, Ray has championed the use of advanced techniques such as machine learning and citizen science to allow current astronomers to adequately exploit such data sets. We invite talks demonstrating such techniques on current and future large scale astronomical surveys.
  • Indigenous and Cultural Astronomy
    • Indigenous astronomy in Australia as an area of serious research was initiated by Ray and other colleagues over recent decades. We invite talks on highlights and the latest research from studies of Indigenous and Cultural astronomy in Australia and from around the world.

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  • Virtual registration: $50

    Closes 8 May


  • In-person registration: $295

    Plus $249 per conference dinner ticket (optional). Closes 14 March.


Dates and Times

Showing 2 of 2 dates for this event.
Dates available from 15 May 2023 until 15 May 2023

Event date: May 2023

15 May - 17 May 2023

In-person attendance

Uluru, Northern Territory

Event date: May 2023

15 May - 17 May 2023

Virtual attendance

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Minh Huynh

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Invited Speakers (Confirmed)

  • Michael Ghillar Anderson (Euahlayi and Gamilaraay Nations)
  • Phil Diamond (SKAO)
  • Ron Ekers (CSIRO)
  • Duane Hamacher (UMel)
  • Phil Appleton (Caltech/IPAC)
  • Nick Seymour (ICRAR/Curtin)
  • Enno Middleberg (Deutsche Bahn)
  • Ivy Wong (CSIRO)
  • Minh Huynh (CSIRO)
  • Grazia Umana (INAF)
  • Bärbel Koribalski (CSIRO)
  • Tessa Vernstrom (UWA)
  • Tanya Hill (Museums Victoria)

There will be a dedicated Cultural and Indigenous Astronomy session, with scholars and elders from across Australia invited as keynote speakers.

This occasion will also be a chance to showcase the latest results and plans for Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) surveys as well as the related areas of Machine Learning and Citizen Science which will help astronomers maximise the science return from ASKAP and other SKA precursors.

The conference will be hybrid to allow all those who are keen to participate to attend. The in-person attendees will benefit from a scientifically focused, but culturally broad conference. Furthermore, we encourage the presentations from and the attendance of ECRs and MCRs both in person and remotely.

To mitigate issues related to COVID we will:

  • Encourage in-person attendees to wear masks in indoor spaces
  • Provide N95 disposable masks
  • Provide hand sanitizer and wipes in common locations
  • Encourage in-person attendees to monitor their health and to not attend if experiencing cold/flu/COVID symptoms
  • Request attendees to join remotely if they test positive

The organisers of this conference are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and attendees will be expected to abide by a code of conduct.



Minh Huynh (co-chair)
Nick Seymour (co-chair)
Andrew Hopkins
Isabella Prandoni