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Event date and time

Tuesday 16 - Thursday 18 Apr 2024


Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort
Hunter Valley NSW

The objective of the biennial Australian Industrial Hemp Conference (AIHC) is to serve as a national platform for growers, researchers, processors and end-market suppliers. Industry participants attend our conference to present and discuss concepts, key issues and receive updates on the latest findings in growing, producing, and marketing of the wide range of industrial hemp products.

The AIHC was conceived and designed by its founder Robert Bell to both add value and to assist in the future expansion of the industrial hemp industry and its community. From its inception, the AIHC has been supported and sponsored by the conferences’ key partners, AgriFutures Australia, Midlands Seed, the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance and the Australian Hemp Council.

Hemp seeds captioned as food, clothing, paper, oil, nutrition and housing.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Apr 2024

16 April - 18 April 2024

Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort

Hunter Valley NSW

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The inaugural AIHC was held in Geelong, Victoria in March 2018 and was hosted by the Industrial Hemp Association of Victoria, now named Regenerative Hemp Victoria Inc.. The second conference was held in Fremantle, Western Australia in February 2020 and was supported by Industrial Hemp Western Australia. The third event was held in Launceston, Tasmania in March 2022. Tasmania, an island that currently produces the majority of the nation’s low-THC cannabis. Click here to check out the Proceedings from the first three Conferences.

The AIHC Organising Committee is led by the founder Robert Bell, the Australian Hemp Council and its state affiliates with support from state DPIs and CSIRO. The Conference will hear from industry experts and researchers, and provide an excellent forum for discussion on recent cooperative research centre grant applications, the AgriFutures Australia $2.5 million research program and developing the future of the industry.