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GLOBE's Biosphere Introduction and Hydrosphere Introduction quizzes

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Event date and time

Wednesday 8 Feb 2023
4.15pm to 4.55pm AEDT


Online virtual event
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This webinar is for anyone who has already completed the GLOBE Introduction eTraining and online quiz.

During the 40 minute interactive webinar we will complete the Biosphere Introduction quiz and the Hydrosphere Introduction quiz. Completing the Introduction quiz will put you well on your way to collecting and uploading environmental data with your students.

If you are considering using the GLOBE program and are yet to complete the GLOBE Introduction eTraining an expedited training session is scheduled for 12 January 2023. Further details available on the CSIRO – GLOBE webpage -

This webinar is suitable for both primary and secondary school teachers.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Feb 2023

Wednesday 8 Feb 2023

Online virtual event

4.15pm to 4.55pm AEDT

Login details will be emailed to registrants


Bill Flynn

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GLOBE is sponsored by NASA and delivered in Australia through a partnership between the CSIRO and the Australian Space Agency.