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Event date and time

Wednesday 30 Nov 2022
10:00am-11:00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time ‎(UTC+11)‎


Online virtual event
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CSIRO is hosting the opening event of the 2022 International Industrial Ecology Day which is an initiative of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) and features virtual events across the globe from Sydney to Los Angeles. This year’s Industrial Ecology Day explores pathways for a net-zero circular economy and brings together experts from the science community, government representatives and industry leaders. Industrial ecology is an interdisciplinary field of research to address sustainability challenges and achieve a circular economy. The science of industrial ecology applies a systems perspective to explore how material and energy are used by society to find solutions to complex environmental problems.

Australia’s economy is characterised by a large extractive and trade exposed sector, a strong service industry in finance, insurance, education and tourism. Australia is also a wealthy and urbanised society with high levels of consumption sourced from global supply chains. There are now significant efforts to revitalise the Australian manufacturing capacity through innovation in the bio, digital, circular and low carbon economy to set Australia’s future prosperity and wellbeing on a path within planetary boundaries. In this opening session we explore opportunities and challenges for Australia on its path to reducing carbon emissions and increase circularity.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Nov 2022

Wednesday 30 Nov 2022

Online virtual event

10:00am-11:00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time ‎(UTC+11)‎

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Heinz Schandl

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The session is facilitated by:

Heinz Schandl, CSIRO Environment, member of the UNEP International Resource Panel

Speakers include:

  • Pep Canadell, CSIRO Chief Research Scientist, Executive Director of the Global Carbon Project
  • Jodie Bricout, Circular economy expert, advocate and researcher
  • Gayle Sloan, CEO Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia
  • Ian Overton, Chief Executive of Green Industries South Australia
  • Simon Corbell, Board Chair & Chief Executive Officer - Clean Energy Investor Group

Talks will be followed by a Q&A.