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Event date and time

Wednesday 3 Aug 2022
8:30am to 4:30pm (ACST) followed by networking drinks


George Brown Botanic Gardens (Visitor and Event Centre)
Gardens Road, The Gardens NT

Join us in person, on 3 August, as we bring together the most creative minds to improve Darwin’s liveability, sustainability and resilience.


We are pleased to announce the 2022 Darwin Living Lab Symposium, which will focus on translating knowledge into practice.

The Darwin Living Lab (the ‘Lab’) seeks to improve Darwin’s liveability, sustainability, and resilience. We are doing this through heat mitigation and improved urban design for the wet/dry tropics.

The Lab brings together scientific expertise with local knowledge to evaluate innovations for a cooler and more sustainable Darwin. One of our main objectives is to help local practitioners share knowledge, and to develop awareness of the cooling initiatives and research underway through the Darwin City Deal and the Feeling Cooler in Darwin Heat Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy.

The one-day symposium is a chance to learn more about the Lab’s research and how this knowledge can be applied locally. Like the inaugural symposium in 2019, it offers an invaluable opportunity to engage with a diversity of local perspectives with an interest in creating a cooler, more liveable, and sustainable Darwin.

As an added extra, the evening before the Symposium we will also be running a walking tour of heat mitigation approaches in Darwin, followed by refreshments in the city. We’re inviting professionals and practitioners, peak industry representatives, community interest groups, and researchers.

Dr Josh Byrne

The keynote address will be provided by Dr Josh Byrne Josh’s House Living Laboratory - Monitoring, Evaluating and Communicating the Journey

Dr Josh Byrne is an environmental scientist and urban design professional with a national profile as a consultant, researcher and communicator in urban sustainability. His approach is leadership through demonstration by engaging in projects that provide opportunities to test innovation, build capacity and share learnings with stakeholders and the wider community.

Josh has a long association with applied research and has authored a number of academic publications and industry guides in the areas of water sensitive design, energy efficient housing and sustainable urban development.

Josh is well known as the WA presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia program where over the past 20 years he has demonstrated how gardening can improve urban livability to a national audience. He is a regular contributor to print and radio media, and author of three popular books on sustainable gardening and low carbon living.

Program outline

The symposium will encompass three themes, which will be explored through key presentations, panel discussions and interactive workshop sessions.

  1. Navigating change in Darwin – How is Darwin changing, what are the challenges and tensions at play, and what mechanisms are there for Darwin to transition to a cooler and thriving capital city?
  2. Community and Indigenous knowledge for improving heat-related liveability – What approaches are being used to cool urban landscapes and how can green infrastructure provide increased heat mitigation and biodiversity outcomes for Darwin?
  3. Advancing energy efficiency and indoor thermal comfort in Darwin – How can Darwin’s built environment and occupant behaviour be adapted to improve indoor thermal comfort while reducing emissions associated with cooling indoor spaces?


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Dates and Times

Event date: Aug 2022

Wednesday 3 Aug 2022

George Brown Botanic Gardens (Visitor and Event Centre)

8:30am to 4:30pm (ACST) followed by networking drinks

Gardens Road, The Gardens NT


Stephen Cook

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