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Event date and time

Monday 19 - Friday 23 Jun 2023


Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC), CSIRO - Kensington
26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA

Cutting Edge Symposium (CES): Locking Carbon in Minerals

Image: Photomicrograph of mesh-textured serpentinite, host rock to the nickel sulfide deposit at Mt Keith, WA, showing incipient carbonate replacement along veinlets. Field of view ~2 mm wide. Courtesy of Steve Barnes.


Locking carbon in minerals can no longer be discounted as a viable carbon capture/storage solution for mitigating climate change. Mineral carbonation is a naturally occurring geological process that contributes to reducing emissions by permanently mineralising carbon. Diverse geology and extensive coastlines position Australia to be a leader in withdrawing atmospheric carbon through mineral carbonation, but acceleration of this natural process to achieve efficient, high-volume capture remains a scientific- and engineering-challenge. The Locking Carbon in Minerals CES (the symposium) will spark discussion on the fundamental research required and foster collaboration with our industry, university, and government partners, which are critical overcoming global challenges towards reaching net-zero.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Jun 2023

19 June - 23 June 2023

Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC), CSIRO - Kensington

26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA
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Coralie Siegel

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19 June 2023: Pre-Symposium Workshop and Icebreaker
20-21 June 2023: Locking Carbon in Minerals Cutting Edge Symposium
22-23 June 2023: Post-Symposium Workshops


The Locking Carbon in Minerals CES will showcase a diverse range of keynote and invited speakers from industry, academia, and government, representing the international research- and industry community on mineral carbonation. The symposium will focus on new mineral carbonation solutions to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate and on the status of mineral carbonation technologies including:

  • Innovative research focussed on accelerating the volume and rate of chemical reactions,
  • Prediction of mineral carbonation potential at the local, regional, and continental scale,
  • Barriers and innovations to achieving large-scale mineral carbonation in-situ and ex-situ,
  • Current lessons learned and future outlook.

The programme is currently being finalised and will be released late-2022, accompanied by an invitation to register.

Goals & Outcomes

  • Develop new relationships and strengthen existing connections between individuals and organisations working in mineral carbonation within Australia and globally,
  • Highlight existing challenges across the international community, denoting where Australia’s existing capability should focus development efforts to elevate mineral carbonation to an industry-ready solution.

Event Contacts & Further Information

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Coralie Siegel -
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