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Event date and time

Tuesday 8 Mar - Wednesday 6 Apr 2022
2:00 PM (8 Mar) | 6:00 PM (6 Apr) AEST


Online virtual event

A CSIRO robot

Join us for a four day symposium focusing on AI and emerging technologies from 8 March - 6 April

About this event

Looking to pivot careers or learn more about AI and emerging technologies? Or are you currently a student working with AI or emerging technologies?

We warmly welcome you to join a free virtual four day symposium from Tuesday 8 March to Wednesday 6 April 2022.

The Symposium will cover four key modules that will become some of the foundational aspects of the Next Generation Graduates Programs:

  • AI and emerging technologies in the real world
  • Ethics in AI and technologies
  • Autonomous systems
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in AI and emerging technologies

The full program of the Symposium is now available.


  • Free

Dates and Times

Event date: Mar 2022

Tuesday 8 Mar - Wednesday 6 Apr 2022

Online virtual event

2:00 PM (8 Mar) | 6:00 PM (6 Apr) AEST

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How to access livestream

Access the streaming platform with this link. Please use the email you entered in registration to log in. You will then be prompted to create a password, which will be used each time you access the platform.

Missed the sessions you'd like to attend? Watch on demand is now available on the streaming platform.


8 March 2022 | 2-4.30pm AEDT

Intro to AI and emerging technologies

  • Professor Jon Whittle – Director, CSIRO's Data61
  • Professor Sally Cripps – Research Director, Analytics & Decision Sciences, CSIRO's Data61
  • Stela Solar – Director, National AI Centre, CSIRO

Symposium presentations

17 March 2022 | 9am-4pm AEDT

AI and emerging technologies in the real world

  • Ben Hutchinson – Researcher, Google Centre for Responsible AI
  • Dr Petra Kuhnert – Data Scientist and Research Statistician, CSIRO's Data61
  • Professor Dacheng Tao – ARC Laureate Fellow and Director, UBTECH Sydney Artificial Intelligence Centre
  • Dr Karen O’Connor – Missions Program Lead, Fire & Flood Resilience, Minderoo Foundation
  • Dan Jermyn – Chief Decision Scientist, Commonwealth Bank
  • Dr Liming Zhu – Research Director, Software and Computational Systems, CSIRO's Data 61
  • Professor Jason Potts – Distinguished Professor of Economics and Co-director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub, RMIT University
  • Professor Carsten Rudolph – Head of Department for Software Systems and Cybersecurity, Monash University
  • Dr Damien Watkins – Research Team Lead, Computational Software Engineering and Visualisation Team, CSIRO's Data61
  • Dr Michael Kuiper – Team Lead, Molecular & Materials Modelling group, CSIRO's Data61
  • Dr Thierry Rakotoarivelo – Senior Research Scientist, Information Security and Privacy Group, CSIRO's Data61
  • Dr Paul Tyler – Data, Privacy Team Leader, CSIRO's Data61

23 March 2022 | 10am-4pm AEDT

Ethics in AI and technologies

  • Professor Toby Walsh – ARC Laureate Fellow and Scientia Professor of AI
  • Dr Stefan Hajkowicz – Senior Principal Scientist, Strategy And Foresight, CSIRO's Data61
  • Professor Kim Weatherall – Co-Chair, AI Ethics Committee, Australian Computer Society
  • Professor Seth Lazar – General Co-Chair, ACM Fairness, Accountability and Transparency Conference 2022
  • Dr Lachlan McCalman – Chief Practitioner, Gradient Institute
  • Dr Cathy Robinson – Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO
  • Vincent Zhang – Co-founder and President, Tech for Social Good

30 March 2022 | 10am-3.45pm AEDT

Autonomous systems

  • Professor Peter Corke – Distinguished Professor of Robotic Vision, Queensland University of Technology
  • Professor Stefan Williams – Head of School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, University of Sydney
  • Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte – NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer
  • Dr Navinda Kottege – Group Leader, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, CSIRO’s Data61
  • Dr Juxi Leitner – CEO and Co-Founder, LYRO Robotics
  • Dr Stefan Hrabar – CEO and Co-Founder, Emesent
  • Professor Fabio Ramos – Professor of Robotics and Machine Learning, University of Sydney

6 April 2022 | 10am-3.45pm AEST*

Entrepreneurship and innovation in AI and emerging technologies

  • Jeremy Howard – Founder,
  • Sally-Ann Williams – CEO, Cicada Innovations
  • Dr Sue Keay – Founder and Chair of Robotics Australia Group
  • Dr Denis Bauer – Transformational Bioinformatics Group Leader, CSIRO
  • Camille Goldstone-Henry – Founder and CEO, Xylo Systems
  • Dr Peter Cronin – Co-Founder and Head of Data and Partnerships, Prospection Pty Ltd
  • Ros Harvey – Founder and CEO at The Yield

*Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) ends on 3 April, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) applies to the last day of the Symposium.