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Tuesday 14 - Friday 17 Jun 2022


Online virtual event
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The Advanced PV 2030 symposium is part of the CSIRO Cutting-edge Symposium Series.

As researchers we have a shared interest in reducing the cost of solar photovoltaics generation and pushing towards commercialisation of emerging technologies.

Industry acceptance of advanced photovoltaics in a competitive marketplace are central to adoption of low emissions technologies, unlocking sector-wide economic and employment transition and significant emissions abatement potential for a sustainable energy future – beyond 2030.

Leaders from research, industry and academia will share their impressions about the future direction for next generation photovoltaic technologies, R&D challenges, and the innovations needed to be pursued to realise commercial outcomes by 2030.

We invite you to join us for this virtual event – registration is free – and to contribute through shared discussions and technological consideration of the pathways to achieving these goals. If you register you will also have exclusive access to video discussions with the speakers.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Jun 2022

14 June - 17 June 2022

Online virtual event

Login details will be emailed to registrants


Gregory Wilson

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If you register, you will have exclusive access to contributed technical talks available on our dedicated Symposium ‘Channel’ from release date and all talks after the event.