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Thursday 16 Sep 2021
1.30pm to 2.20pm AEST


Online virtual event
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Join us to hear key insights from our recently released report:

Advanced recycling technologies to address Australia’s plastic waste

Advanced recycling could turn plastic waste destined for landfill into valuable resources. Our report aims to build awareness of advanced recycling technologies, how they apply to different plastic types, and the key factors to enable adoption and scale up of these technologies in Australia.

We’ll share how adopting advanced recycling would increase opportunities for the polymer manufacturing and waste sectors by supporting new industries. Advanced recycling could also help Australia meet its national target of 70 per cent of plastic packaging recycled or composted by 2025, and 80 per cent average recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Sep 2021

Thursday 16 Sep 2021

Online virtual event

1.30pm to 2.20pm AEST

Webinar login details will be emailed to registrants

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Natalie Kikken

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  • Sarah King, Advanced Recycling Report Lead Author, CSIRO Manufacturing
  • Dr Deborah Lau, CSIRO’s Ending Plastic Waste Mission Lead
  • Peter Bury, Chemistry Australia's Director for Strategy, Energy and Research

We hope you can join us.