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Monday 13 Dec 2021
2.30pm to 3.30pm (AEDT)


Online webinar
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The current energy situation in Australia

Low emission energy storage technologies will be essential to Australia’s rapidly transitioning and complex energy mix. The Federal Government has identified long-duration (8+ hours) energy storage for electricity as one of Australia’s five priority investment technologies in its first and second Low Emissions Technology Statements and Australia’s long-term emissions reduction plan.

However, there’s no single energy storage technology that meets all requirements for Australia’s diverse regions and domestic and export-facing energy uses. Facilitating Australia’s energy transition will require careful consideration of the different end use applications, their storage requirements, including the form of energy required (e.g. electrical or heat), and the most economic storage technologies.

CSIRO Low Emission Energy Storage Roadmap

In response, CSIRO is currently looking to develop a Low Emission Energy Storage Roadmap to assess the needs and opportunities to support Australia’s future energy mix. The proposed Roadmap aims to:

  • Articulate the need for an energy storage mix in Australia considering the range of domestic and export-facing end use applications;
  • Explore the opportunities for Australia to use low emission energy storage technologies to drive economic growth and support Australia as a continued net energy exporter;
  • Provide analysis and modelling to help decision makers understand available and emerging technology options to meet their needs, considering Australian regions, and how storage technologies may be used and integrated; and
  • Identify actions or next steps across different time horizons to inform planning and investments.

Your input is valuable to help scope this project

CSIRO is currently seeking feedback on the scope of the roadmap and identifying stakeholders interested in getting involved in the project. Please join CSIRO at an upcoming industry and government webinar on Monday 13 December 2021 at 2:30pm – 3:30pm (AEDT) to discuss the aims, scope, and approach of the roadmap.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Dec 2021

Monday 13 Dec 2021

Online webinar

2.30pm to 3.30pm (AEDT)

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