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Event date and time

Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 Oct 2021


Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Glenelg St, South Brisbane QLD (or online)


The goal of systems biology is to understand the emergent properties of a biological system by measuring and analysing its many individual components. Yet, there remain steep challenges in the analysis of these collective data, particularly in terms of integrating the information derived from across the different planes of biology.

To push back on these challenges, we are pleased to announce the Cutting-edge Symposium on Integrated Systems Biology: Challenges and Future Perspectives. This symposium is a chance to learn about the most recent developments in integrated systems biology and their application. It will also offer a forum to identify and then work together to address the challenges associated with this discipline. This forum will take the community forward in an effort to develop truly integrative systems biology research tools that maximises the utility of this practice and the impact that it can help to deliver.

The symposium will be a residential event to be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from October 25-27, as well as offered virtually. Please refer to the symposium website for the most up to date details regarding abstract submissions and keynote speakers (

It will be attended by delegates from across government, industry as well as academia, with an exciting line up of invited speakers.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Oct 2021

25 October - 26 October 2021

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Glenelg St, South Brisbane QLD (or online)
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An optional half-day workshop will be held on 27 October at CSIRO Ecosciences Precinct, 41 Boggo Rd, Dutton Park QLD.

Program outline

The symposium will take place across two and a half days, encompassing six podium presentation themes, posters, lightning plenary session and a half day workshop. The proposed podium presentation themes are:

  1. Synthetic Biology
  2. Environmental Sciences & Ecosystem Surveillance
  3. Industrial Technology
  4. Health and Precision Medicine
  5. Food and Agriculture
  6. Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence