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Event date and time

Tuesday 29 Jun 2021
2.00pm to 3:30pm AEST


Online virtual event
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As we continue to work virtually and globally, often at times, things don’t seem to get done in the way that we intend.

One of the most significant factors that can accelerate or inhibit results is relationships.

Trust is the currency of relationships and while it is so critical, have we stopped to think of how trust is built and how trustworthy we may be in the eyes of our key stakeholders?


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Dates and Times

Event date: Jun 2021

Tuesday 29 Jun 2021

Online virtual event

2.00pm to 3:30pm AEST

Login details will be emailed to registrants

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Johanna Lemke

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Host: Aperian Global

Learning objectives

The webinar will help you:

  • Gain best practices in building professional relationships across cultural differences
  • Understand key components of trust and how to improve one’s own level of trustworthiness
  • Map learnings to action items to improve effectiveness on the job


Building Professional Relationships

  • Discussion: What is important when building new relationships in a professional setting?
  • Comparative matrix of relationship-building styles
  • Application Case Study: Building Professional Relationships

Establishing Trusting Relationships

Discussion: What is trust?

  • Types of trust and their qualities: Cognitive Trust & Affective Trust
  • Introduction to Maister’s Trust Equation with examples and best practices
  • Personal trust-level analysis
  • Leveraging GlobeSmart to improve trust

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