We are very pleased to offer LGBTI Ally training delivered by Pride in Diversity this March to help raise awareness and understanding of the important role that Allies play for our LGBTQ+ community.

We also acknowledge that Mardi Gras occurs on Saturday 6th March. We hope that this Ally training will assist you in supporting any family or peers participating in the march or Mardi Gras festival period 19th February to 7th March.


The aim of this session is to build on the concepts covered in LGBTQ Awareness. This session will provide participants with an understanding of the role that non-LGBTQ allies play in creating cultural change within an organisation, and it provides a hands on and practical ‘how to’ be an Ally for LGBTQ employees.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the role of allies
  • Understand possible ally actions
  • Understand levels of engagement
  • Understand the importance of visibility


  • Definition and role of LGBTQ allies
  • Reasons to be an ally
  • Characteristics of an ally
  • How to be visible and advocate for allyship
  • Inclusive language
  • Intervention and ‘calling out’ bad behaviour

If you would like to attend, please ensure you register by clicking the button below. Please feel free to share this invitation with any other CSIRO people that are interested in attending this training.

This event is restricted to CSIRO staff only

Event date: 10Mar 2021

Wednesday 10 Mar 2021

Online virtual event

  • 1.00pm to 2.00pm AEDT

Webinar login details will be emailed to registrants

More information

Should you have any other questions around this training or our Pride@CSIRO Network please contact the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Team.

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