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Event date and time

Tuesday 7 Sep 2021
10.00am to 2.30pm


Lansdown Research Station
4073 Flinders Highway, Woodstock QLD

Come visit the Lansdown Research Station and discover beef research on your doorstep and meet and talk to the scientists.

Lansdown is the only CSIRO field station in northern Australia and since 2010 has been building a reputation for delivering high quality and relevant research for northern beef producers.

This is a great opportunity to come and see the work we have been doing recently and get a chance to chat with the staff and presenters.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see firsthand the research, facilities and livestock.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about what CSIRO does and we are looking forward to seeing you on the 7th September.

Entry is free and there will be food vendors on site if you wish to buy a meal or refreshment.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Sep 2021

Tuesday 7 Sep 2021

Lansdown Research Station

10.00am to 2.30pm

4073 Flinders Highway, Woodstock QLD

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A herd of beef cattle

Demonstrations on:

  • Agri-tech – smart ways to save time and measure to manage your herd (CeresTag)
  • Reducing your greenhouse gas footprint – use of legumes and supplements to cut methane production from cattle
  • Feed efficiency – understanding production on pasture

CSIRO’s Lansdown Research Station, near Townsville QLD from CSIRO on Vimeo.

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