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CSIRO's Data61, the data and digital specialist arm of Australia's national science agency is hosting an online event on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 showcasing our latest technology advances in the area of Supply Chain Integrity. Join us on the day to hear from researchers and industry.

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Dana Sanchez

Event date: 02Dec 2020

Wednesday 2 Dec 2020

Online virtual event

  • 9.30am to 1.00pm AEDT

Webinar details will be emailed to registrants

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The showcase will feature CSIRO technologies developed to address emerging challenges including:

  • How do you trust data collected on the farm so it can reliably validate provenance?
  • Can we automate the monitoring of animal health and welfare?
  • Can we reduce regulatory burden through automated compliance?
  • What advances have been made in using biological origin to verify authenticity?
  • How do we maintain visibility of products moving through the supply chain and detect fraud in an affordable way?

We will also host a panel session discussing key findings from a recent report released by MLA including “The industry views on the need for investment in enhanced supply chain integrity systems are at odds with those of researchers and technology/service providers”.

We look forward to hearing from you on the day to help inform the future direction of our research.

Session details will be released in November.

Contact: Dana.Sanchez@data61.csiro.au.

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Event type: Online