Presenter: Vincent Crombez, Research Scientist


For decades, source-rocks have been considered “black boxes” that generate hydrocarbons. Over the past 15 years, with the increasing interest in our industry for self-sourced reservoirs it has become apparent that we can no longer describe an organic-rich rock by its mean total organic carbon content and hydrogen index. We now know that source-rocks present as many heterogeneities as conventional reservoirs: organic-rich areas in these black boxes generate hydrocarbons, while the more coarse-grained parts act as drains. When exploring for the sweet spots of unconventional plays, or when assessing the petroleum potential of a frontier basin, we want to be able to understand and account for the sedimentary heterogeneities in organic-rich rocks. This talk will introduce a characterisation pathway presenting results from a multidisciplinary study of the Proterozoic Velkerri Formation. Starting with well data, we first seek to understand the stratigraphic architecture of this interval. Then, using geochemical analysis we suggest a conceptual geological model to explain the distribution of the organic content within the stratigraphic framework. Building on this geological knowledge, we simulate the evolution of the basin during the Proterozoic using forward stratigraphic modelling. The resulting model provides us with a process-based sedimentary facies distribution. By running the stratigraphic model multiple times varying the input parameters, we are able to create a probabilistic distribution of the black box properties in the basin and investigate the main geological controls that determine their distribution. The presented workflow results in a geologically plausible distribution of the black boxes’ properties, which can be used to model and constrain hydrocarbon generation and migration at different scales.

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Event date: 03Nov 2020

Tuesday 3 Nov 2020

Pan Pacific Perth

  • 6:00pm to 8:15pm AWDT (for talk start at 6.45pm)

207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA
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  Vincent Crombez

Presenter: Vincent Crombez, Research Scientist

Vincent is a geoscientist with a sedimentology, geochemistry and numerical modelling background. His research mainly focusses on sedimentary basins with a special interest in understanding the distribution of sedimentary heterogeneities within basins. Throughout his work and academic career, he has gained a breadth of experience working with integrated workflows, combining field geology, laboratory analysis, and numerical modelling. Previously, he has worked on different basins, located in various countries including Canada, Argentina, Greece, Morocco and Australia. Vincent currently works for the CSIRO in Perth as a research scientist. He holds a PhD in Geosciences from Sorbonne Université (Paris, France) and a MSc in Petroleum Geology from UniLaSalle (Beauvais, France).