Australia currently positions itself to become a large-scale powerfuels exporter. European powerfuels demand is expected to depend mainly on imports in the long term. Therefore, policy makers, investors, project developers and companies are trying to overcome market barriers and identify necessary regulation and policy support to ramp up powerfuel production, distribution and usage.

Many fundamental questions remain to be answered, such as: In which form could hydrogen be exported from Australia to Europe? Which powerfuels quantities will Australia be able to supply and how do they relate to European demand quantities? What are the potential powerfuels production prices in Australia and what is Europe willing to pay in the near, middle and long term?

Join the digital workshop hosted by the German Energy Agency, together with relevant stakeholders from Australia, Europe and Asia to discuss the challenges of developing a powerfuels market and the potential for cooperation between Australian and European stakeholders in the field of powerfuels.


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Event date: 20Oct 2020

Tuesday 20 Oct 2020

Digital workshop

  • 17.00 to 19.30 (AEDT)

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  • Prof. Ross Garnaut, Chairman, Energy Transition Hub
  • Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO, German Energy Agency
  • Andrew Dickson,Project Manager, Asian Renewable Energy Hub
  • Carl Berninghausen, CEO, Sunfire
  • Dr. Danial Roberts, Hydrogen Leader, CSIRO
  • Rupert Maloney, Head of Hydrogen Investment, CEFC
  • Sam Bruce, Associate Director, CSIRO
  • Falko Ueckerdt, Senior Scientist, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Science areas: Renewables and energy

Event type: Online