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Thursday 3 Dec 2020
12:30pm to 2:00pm AEDT. Please logon from 12:15


Online virtual event
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Although the 2020 Australian Energy Rating Conference has been delayed the industry forges ahead...

You are invited to our 5th Australian Energy Rating Webcast.

If you missed any you can find the recordings here

A person’s home is their castle. Just like Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle, we want our homes to be comfortable, healthy, sustainable, inviting, and inexpensive to run. So how do we get there? Join us as we, along with some of Australia’s leading designers and architects discuss renovating and retrofitting homes for improved thermal comfort.


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Dates and Times

Event date: Dec 2020

Thursday 3 Dec 2020

Online virtual event

12:30pm to 2:00pm AEDT. Please logon from 12:15

Webcast details will be emailed to registrants

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  Jenny Edwards

Jenny Edwards

Jenny Edwards is the owner and Director of Light House Architecture and Science, a multi-award-winning practice that integrates science into the design process to deliver highly efficient, climate resilient homes in the Canberra region. She is not an architect. Jenny has a Masters degree in science and is an ACT licensed Building Energy Efficiency Assessor. She has been doing theoretical energy efficiency testing of designs using thermal performance simulation software, and physical building-envelope testing of built projects, since 2009 (and is very proud of her thermal camera, blower door and now PM2.5 meters).

With over 100 projects in Canberra, Light House has demonstrated that there is growing demand for smaller, smarter, sustainable housing. In 2019, Jenny was awarded the Clem Cummings Medal by the ACT branch of the Institute of Architects in recognition of her contributions to architecture and the built environment. In 2015, she won the 'Outstanding in Industry' award from the ACT branch of the National Association of Women in Construction. In 2018 her personal home won the national HIA GreenSmart Sustainable Home of the Year award. Jenny is very big on walking the talk and advocating for evidence-based home design.


Belinda Allwood

Belinda is an architect, landscape architect, maker and researcher. She is a Queensland chapter councillor for the Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) and sits on the RAIA Queensland Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Belinda is a registered architect in Queensland, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. Her rare combination of skills brings architecture and landscape architecture together to create places that respond sustainably to place, and connect people with nature.

Belinda has written papers and presented to audiences nationally and internationally on the topics of sustainable design, regional practice, intercultural design and placemaking. She is well known for her comprehensive construction knowledge, and experience in all phases of project delivery on a wide range of project types for government departments, not-for profit organisations, and private clients.


Michael Ambrose

Michael joined CSIRO in 1992 and is a senior experimental scientist in CSIRO’s Energy business unit. He leads projects for industry and the Australian government with a particular focus on residential building energy efficiency.

Michael has a Bachelor of Architecture from Deakin University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Building Project Management, also from Deakin. Being one of the only researchers at CSIRO with an architecture background means that Michael brings a unique perspective to the research work he is involved in. Currently Michael is developing data visualisation dashboards utilising the data that is gathered as part of the NatHERS Universal Certificate process.